Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" P. Funk

Are we just all slaves to society?
Lack of variety
What do the conspiracy theorist say?
Do you live in a red or blue state?
I live in a New York State of mind just like Nas
Caught up in the Wizard of Oz
Oh where oh where can that black messiah be I think he got shot by NYPD
Stop and Frisk walk at your own risk
Where is the justice for Eric Gardner he can't breathe I can't breathe we can't breathe or believe the brutality against humanity
The only ones breathing are the one percent they sleep fine as they collect our fines
Caught in a bind going blind on the the chopping line
Blind sided by the bankers bullied by Wall Street what a feat the taste of defeat
I sit and watch my bank account plummet from a small summit
We shall overcome, overcome it
What's the plan to move ahead before we reach the day of the dead
Break the seal go ahead and steal the government steals from me
This year I will pay $9000 in taxes way too much for the middle classes
Goddamn Uncle Sam I wish I could slam go blam blam boom
Tax the rich yes tax them they are the ones who can pay but don't pay they get away
Look at Bernie Madoff  he made off with billions
How can that be? Ponzi scheme was his theme living the dream
Yeah but now he's someone's bitch getting anally raped ponzi that
Big time hustle that's all companies are a big time hustle
They do what the little guy does on the street but that don't get arrested they get kick backs
Those are the facts while the little guy sells corner crack and heroine smack
Gets the jail shack shackles, shackles shuffle
All those criminals in a line three strikes in some states adds up to a life time
Imagine that a life time behind those dirty violent walls
Getting old and dieing getting sick slowly deteriorating and waiting for a sentence that Never ends till your funeral probably buried your body in the back yard
Enclosed fences never free when the state owns your body
But what about the mind when it is confined over time
Does it slip lose grip solitary confinement makes many flip
Get hip to this we are the only country to enforce solitary confinement it's so inhuman
America has the biggest prison population in all of creation

What does that tell you?
Control it's all about control and who is and who is not on the dole or payroll

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