Friday, March 19, 2010

MorE STixS

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Psychiatric State of Flux

A hopeful sunshine breaks free in my mind
I leave depression behind
maybe for good this time
I get caught in the mix between the ups and a ditch
then suddenly I switch
like a change up pitch
trying to re-grasp my grip
from the deadly slip
energy fills my body like the life of an Amazon
I come back from the gone
and move on
a new concoction of medical toxins
I wanted to jump out the window
to the concrete street below
embrace death with a warm hello
a voice inside said no
you will rise from this low
get back in your flow
on and on I go
to my last intro-duction
next production
next destruction
I wanna hit the summit
over come it
look back and say I done done it
like a plane loosing altitude abruptly I plummet
I go down in flames
crash land insane
keep looking for a way to escape my brain
and still remain
hearing voices in my head calling my name
the psychiatrist and therapist insist
something must be done about this
want to place me on the disability list
my creative abilities persist
can’t find a way to make money of this
so I pound my fist
and get pissed
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