Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'M Da BoMb!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m like dynamite with nitroglycerin
so you better keep listenin'
I gleam to the extreme
got you at gun point
rapid fire makes you transpire
I’m dangerous - no need to discuss
my mental state is unstable
got the schizophrenic label
but I can still cause mass hysteria
when you see me in the area
I’m the bomb
droppin’ napalm on Vietnam
let loose like an escapee running wild in your city
hit you with a death blow with my fist and my elbow
watch me grow like an afro
not an amateur but a pro
when it comes to the mic I hold
get on a roll
eat microphones like the cookie monster
got hunger for adjectives not your average words
trying to reach to the next level
step back and watch me levitate
while I create
another state of mind
intertwined with rhyme
commit poetry like a crime
someone dial 911 because here I come
on the dead run
like a motherfuckin’ freight train
dancing with the insane
no need to explain stay far away from the sane
I’m lazy - a lunatic a medicated derelict
but I stay mad sick
got more rhymes then a hoe who turns tricks
by sucking dirty dicks
I’m the bomb
so now let me just explode before I corrode
deep in my mode
writing poems in binary code
lining up my zeros and ones
don’t try to analyze my data
or be down with the haters
got my poetic radar ready to spar
my words leave you marred and scar
like you just got hit with a crow bar
I jump in my flow like liquid lava
erupt like a volcano but I’m no Pinero
I'm a lyrical pharaoh

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