Monday, May 17, 2010


I like to stay home alone in my own zone
I hate the crowds and the traffic
It’s all too drastic
I'm a psychotic derelict
Tired of red tape and rhetoric
In my mind things get hectic
I turn introspective
Myopic and self-explosive
Sometimes I don’t wanna live
So I sit in my solitude
No one to intrude on my foul mood
I exclude myself
and keep myself amused
Waste my time surfing the net
At least I’m not playing Russian roulette
With a hollow point bullet
I hate to go out and face the public
sometimes I get so paranoid I want to avoid everything
Safe in the cocoon of my room
Smelling the perfume of my gloom
I sit locked up in my 10 by 12
My personal jail cell where my creativity excels
Or gets repelled by urine smell
My own little hell
I hate seeing new faces
And going places
I get trapped in my own mind
held hostage in my house
accosted by loneliness
I hate being on the go can’t take the city’s flow
I move too slow
Want to vanish like melting snow
As I sink to a all time new low
filled with anxiety
Trying to keep my sobriety
Hating nyc
Don’t wanna perform wanna stay withdrawn
Introverted mad perverted
encapsulised and internalized
Drowning in my own demise
Covered in an expression of depression
With inward eyes
Like Columbian coke is smuggled
I stay hidden in my struggle
Being reclusive is a means to an end

Monday, May 3, 2010

everything remains the same for clockers with glockers

I walk with a ditty bop
My soul is filled with hip hop
My jeans hang below my ass crack
I love to listen to rap
talk about firing a gat
I dream about being gangster
I want to live
and die gangster
I don't run with a crew cause I can hold my own
My rep will be shown
I long to hold a fat stash of cash
lamping on that corner trying to get that cheddar
More money can make my life better
I grew up in the streets with lots of welfare cheats while
I only had welfare to eat
Now my cheddar goes to buy clothes
ain't nothing cheap to wear
My gear is the latest style of the year
Got rings of bling I stay blowing blunt rings
My bullets sting
I’ll probably end up in sing sing
See death in the eyes of my pupils
I have no scruples
Lawless and heartless
2-diamond earring studded
born with a gun in my waistband
grown up now I’m the man
dark ghetto nights don't faze me
cause I walk with a ditty bop
my life is filled with gun shots
I’m down with the illegal
My rage is lethal
Love getting into fights when I get mad tight
Jumping niggas on the regular
Top-notch competitor
I got long braids
my girl keeps my doo laced up
Life is rough but I handle my business
My stress escalates till I steam and evaporate
my enemies await a terrible fate
Their doom or mine is built on hate
I walk with an original gait
So I got my ditty bop and my black facemask
rolling up on suckers is completing my task
I'll be keepin’ it real to my last gasp
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