Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love is a dangerous disease

Love seizes you unexpectedly
changes you makes you act crazy
Many are quickly overcome with matters of the heart
Love lingers and drifts in your vicinity
Love hovers suddenly like a helicopter
It makes no sense and at last love is blind
Love finds us as we try to hide and avoid the collide
Once we get a taste of love its flavor lingers in our mouth
its hormones stay in our nostrils
love hangs and dangles from our lips
as hands trace naked bodies with thrusting hip
Love overwhelms and drowns its victims in a sea of emotions
Love never dies and in many cases is a terminal condition so
don't run to your physician cause he can only listen
no drugs or prescriptions can be given to make it subside
Big love is riding high waiting for your reply
some try to resist but it's hopeless
I must confess taking the Love fall strikes us all
Falling in love could make you lose your grip and slip
It's simple and at the same time complex
Sometimes it adds stress
Sometimes love breaks up or ends is success
Some fall in love over and over again and again
like there is no end the two try to blend to one
at times love comes undone like loosely
tied shoes or knots the love just stops
Does love grow cold when it gets old
When too much strife breaks up husband and wife
At times some love lasts for life
Other times loves takes hikes not to return
too bad the burn
Love should come easily
should be free as can be
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