Saturday, September 27, 2008

Inside The Rhythm

In the drum rhythm
I hear the echoes of ancient ancestors
Deep in the Congo
beats become airborne like musical pollen transmitting sound waves
tribal festive rhythms crescendos crashing beach waves
covered in funky syncopated shades
stretching along lines
back to the birth of sunshine
as dancers gyrate to salsa calypso faith
deep in the heart and heat of the steel beat
lies a reservoir of history and culture
the rhythm calling the dehydrated to hydrate from its aquatic pools
music gushes like water from a hydrant
flashing djembe taunt string hands
curved and chiseled from wooden limbs
giving life to the musical spin
all those in ear shot hear the roots of be bop, hip hop and rock
falling from tropical sun drenched landscapes
is where this earth rhythm originates
I wish to dig my soul to the depths of dense hollow beats
to flame flickering wind swept rhythms
That link Homo habilis to Homosapien to all mankind
music that moves the deaf to the blind
feel the vibration reverberate through tribal nations
call all to this powerful pop wow
where middle eastern indigenous rhythms meet African Cuban Indian in a drum circle at fevered pitch
spirit dancing unifying the masses in peace with this musical feast
Drums sounds rise like thick black smoke
giving all listeners hope music is my dope
These drums beat for passion
these drums beat for fire
these drums beat and reek with the essence of life
they express words yet to be formed
feelings of love loss and mourn
these drumming rhythms transcend all language and twists of tongue
I hear the beats rain down on me, penetrating my soul
let these beats be played
let them be played loud and furious
bust like caps to make hands clap
to make bodies move
let us be lost and found in its groove
funky ass beats linger like memories
I cling to the rhythm
cling to the rhythm
that catches me in its net of stretched animal skinned beats
pounded out as each drummer drums his drum as one
to the death
music is our life breath our two step
let music up hold my rep
as time is kept
the drum beat that moves feet
from the crypt walk to drum talk
hard calloused hands
ricochets rushing rhythms entangled in booming bass
a drum circle let the beat keep pace
rhythms etched and fill empty space
ecstasy shows on the face
as the sweetest rhythm painful memories get erased

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

THAT FLAIR by dubblex & Joy

Room for exploration
want to touch every part of your body
like I was running for president
your body is the nation
want all parts of you to vote
for my sexual sensation
I saw something there
beyond the clothes you wear,
that sexy glare
something there you were unaware
you possessed this flair
wanted to share this brown skin
with your fair short red hair
and matching trim
so fine and fair that short red hair
I had to get to know you better
And I can’t figure out why
Whose ticket do I have to pay
To get to know which play
Comes next in this game
It can’t always be the same
I won’t always be this tame
I can catch this moment of fame


We hustle and fight to live this life

Those who give in never cash in on the win

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Joy Of Joy

If I could travel back in time I would relive all the moments
With you time and time again.
Rewind moments and events replay days and pieces of time
From laughing love making licking lyrics
To poetic prophetic nights of tears flowing fears
Waking neighbors with blasting reggae
Getting that 3 am lay
clear mornings of sizzling Haze Kush & regs mixed with oatmeal and eggs
To reading poetry on the stage
To finding that lost poem page
To GPS long lost travels
To Costco’s to pinched nipples
In pained inferno, finding & transcribing neglected journals
Long held stares
Twisting my hair
Holding bare hands on park walks
Forever talks
Unraveling humanity’s mysteries
Ending marriage histories
Reading our writings to each other
Isolating ourselves from the world like 2 drug addict lover-writers
This could be my heaven

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

if you should succeed in one thing you learn success is nothing and the journey to the destination is the true joy of the travel.

Daylight is covered and uncovered by darkness.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

November 3rd Club

Hey peeps, just a word. Check out the latest issue of the November 3rd Club and see all the great poets including me.
People I recognize from facebook are Bill Abbott, Tony Brown, Patricia Smith plus many more fine poets.
Please go check it. I thank Joy for submitting for me. Joy's great at this admin stuff, me - I live & write. I'm an artist. Don't I have it easy with a woman like Joy?

Not really folks I teach Special Ed for a living - but anyway please please check it out.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Themes on peace, war & destruction ..........................

Peace is what stands between us and warfare.

Those seduced by war long for resolutions that never come.

Peace is charming and war is seductive.

Those who abandon peace struggle to regain its charms.

Peace becomes treasured once abandoned.

A planet covered in pollution will cause humanity's destruction.

Along with each growing city new pollutions grow.

A revolution happens one mind at a time.

When you're living on borrowed time every minute counts.

Those who watch TV watch their lives go by.

At the site of injustice let not your reaction be no action.

Those who struggle through troubles savor their triumphs.

If society controls your mind it also controls your actions.

Those whose convictions blow in the breeze get caught up in every storm

All In A Day's Work

went to rite aid
drank a big bottle of gatorade
did not pay
sat in massage chair
joy and i got lots of stares
want to get my ears pierced
piercing guy not there
ate a chicken roll
shot lots of video
guy in restaurant tried to prevent me from taking a piss
offered him a dollar to pee
got past him and peed
too much to write
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