Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr. Porno Head

I began by reading Penthouse and playboy
Going through my mom's boyfriends magazines
his milk crate helped me take my first step into porno
I looked at the photos when I was nine or ten
I studied magazines made for horny men
Showed the zines to my sister we laughed at what we saw
Bare chested women, women with no drawers
Soon I wanted to see more and more
my little dick grew hard
I'd pull out the pin ups and do push ups over them on the floor
From porno books I moved on to phone sex
I called numbers to hear recorded messages of women who talked dirty
talking about sucking dicks shaking big tits
Whipping and tying a cock to a vacuum cleaner
The stories got worse and meaner
Drinking piss and taking golden showers
I'd listen for hours
My mother was upset when she got the phone bill
I thought maybe I should chill
This was not my will
I'd masturbate till my semen would spill
A cheap and expensive thrill
To save money I found free sex lines
So when the bill came my mother thought everything was fine
To save more money and keep from getting caught
I used a tape recorder to hear about rapes and fucks
mostly talking with some voice over moaning
I listened to the same stories again and again
Fantasizing about mysterious women
I imagined how they'd look
The sex line had me hooked
I'd jerk off till I had scabs on my dick
Because I just loved to cum thick
From phone sex I moved on to video porn
My sister had a boyfriend who had porn movies
I popped them in the VCR
And played my dick like a guitar
I sneaked into the living room when no one was home
Sat in front of the TV and watched as women got fucked licked and sucked
I lusted for action
My appetite and salaciousness grew stronger
I drew pictures of chicks with big tits
while measuring my dick with a ruler
I wanted it to be big like the guys in smut videos
My life moved on while my lewdness grew more intense
A made up vision of women giving head
Every night I gave in to my sensual cravings
The facsimile played over in my mind
a porno movie in my brain making me quite insane
Straining my cock veins
Women licking pussy or me eating out the box
To get off my rocks
It was so hard to stop
I was a virgin for long duration
I was so stuck on masturbation
When I finally had sex I married
a fridgid woman who only wanted less
So I moved on to Internet porn
to really turn me on
Tons of pictures to see
To satisfy my licentious curiosity
Bestiality was now a common reality
White girls and Asian chicks who digged big black dicks
Wet pussy lips
Two girls naked in a French kiss
Blondes and red heads
Lesbians with dildos
Ass licking
Deep throating till throwing up
Cum in the mouth
Cum swapping
Fem doms
Drinking piss
Beaten and tied
Spanked red bottoms
Lesbian squirt
double stuffed
Old women with young guys
Old guys with young women
Fat women getting fucked hard
Nipple pinching
Foot fucking
Two girls in 69
Forced sex
Teen sex
Sexy Latinas
Fucking machines
I found free videos
Downloaded shit from Limewire
Played it on my iPod
Suddenly only porno got me hard
I decided to have real sex
Just one dick and one pussy
I want this to be my fantasy
Because I am Mr. Porno head
And I wish one day he'll be dead
But my addiction to porno seduction
Is my affliction

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fare Beating

I use to hop the turnstile
Back in the 90’s
the token cost $1.25 or $1.50
I'd stand by the bulletproof token booth
Waiting for the right time to strike
I did this mostly at night
I had to check the platform for cops
Did not want to get stopped
I looked around corners
trying to discover undercovers
they lurked in shadows
like ghosts with guns
if you got busted it was useless to run
hopping was easy when nobody was looking
you just pulled the turnstile back and slipped into the gap
got right through as long as you were not too fat
you had to wait real late until you heard the train pulling up
to jump the turnstile
You didn't want to stand on the platform to be detected
or get subjected to a ticket because of what you did
the fine was $50 dollars - a lot more then the train fare
you had to beware
I never got busted got away scot-free
Nowadays they fixed the little gap
Where that space was at
Moved on from the days of my fare beating ways

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BrOkEn WorDs

My words are broken cracked and bleeding
Peeling and misleading
Stepped on like coke burning
Like purple haze smoke
They’re spoken misspoken
Disappear like a New York City token
Ripped to shreds once they leave my head
Shot stabbed caught and nabbed
They’re broken to pieces like a puzzle
Words I guzzle my brain should be muzzled
They speak Spanglish a scrambled egg dish
Wounded like a soldier falling in battle
Bullet hole souls m16 rattle
Shrapnel lodged in your esophagus
Bum rushed trampled and crushed
Run over and wrecked
A hit and run
Whipped and chained
Churning insane
Tied and strained
Notorious and infamous
Hallucinating from LSD and Angel dust
broken words are heard over and over inside my mind
mixed up passed absurd
breaking like a curve
let loose like a canon
blasted from a boom box
totally unorthodox
ambidextrous and dyslexic
dissected and inspected
my broken words break like a wave
raped like a slave
exploded and imploded
running light years passed the sun
a train wreck crash landing
sinking like an anchor
words spilling black like a leaking tanker
arrested and detested
failing to stay sane
getting lost in my own brain
multiplied like atomic nuclei
released like radiation stickering the nation
confused with organization
broken words get lost like time
poetry is a victimless crime
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