Sunday, December 16, 2012

MyLife Is Hungry

Dying of thirst
lost in a wild fire
burned by blow back
stomach growling
fingers twitching
trying to reach and grasp the wind
my life is oozing slowly like wounds that won’t heal
blood drips from my soul as everything folds
I hear the drunk Hispanic man on 168 Street and Broadway yelling out mi vida, mi vida, mi vida, tengo hambre,
hungry for what I can’t have
hungry for what my hands fail to hold
thirsty for my brain lost in my psychosis
not rooted in reality
my life’s in a tail spin
a free for all fall 
parched in the driest desert
waking in pools of fear
on the precipice of disaster
trying to run faster
I can’t catch my breath
running from death
my life is starving
shriveled up and anorexic
depressed and dejected
spiraling down like a slinky on the steps of Machu Picchu  
no food can feed me
liquid fails to satisfy my cotton mouth
I’m lost on the summit in a moment I will plummet
my life is falling apart like a Volkswagen with 400,000 miles on it
The inside is dying
waiting to die
my spirit is frying
my life is hungry 
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