Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More than enough

I have more to say then I can write
More to write then I can say
More to do then can be done
More to remember that I forget
My pursuits and quest take me on a mental voyage through intellectual seas
I envision a future of a better me
The next moment will bring about a vast improvement to my empathy
The cry of humanity crushed under the weight of one trillion dollars they holler
Could you not have spared a few dollars for clean water for my baby?
Could they have not have used a few euros so I could have some clean clothes?
Nobody knows the depth of a man’s despair when he is entrapped in enslavement
Mentally, physically, spiritually,
As two black holes colliding is the gripping emotion of a man before a vile action is taken
Changing his destiny like a shifting of the axis on the intergalactic seascape
How can he recapture his yesterdays
His purity, his innocence?
Now penniless
His fortune overcome by his missteps
Many of us walk this planet with unhealed bleeding memories on our souls
They need a healing of their injuries or a complete recovery?
To return to a whole state of being
You were made in a unique perfection selected for prominence
No matter your name
No matter your color
No matter your country
You were made for brilliance,
See your destiny and shine

Fresh Out of Hate

No hugs
No kisses
No handshakes
I’ve got no love for you
No hellos
No goodbyes
No good mornings
No replies
No looks in the I
I got no kind of love for you
I got no love
No hate
To me you no longer exist
You died yesterday
I annihilate

Friday, December 19, 2008

on lockdown

As he sits locked away in his personalized cage
set to prison decay and die away
he grows to hate time he has not a watch
he tries in vain to forget all the doors are locked
morning reminds him and finds him
as his crime now defines him to confinement in prison
unthought of decision lead to a unanimously guilty conviction
his once young life ages violently
And at the same time grows lonely
He wants the darkness to make him disappear
Too depressed to shed a tear serving 80 consecutive years
he pushes its reality out of his mind
and tries to focus on hours and days
his future is a life long correctional maze
because of one days’ bloody rampage
that was on the front page time goes by
he almost forgets why the sun he seldom sees
remembers two bodies lay face down lifeless in the street
He misses the world and the summer heat
he did a dastardly feat
the rap he could not beat
falling in line with the daily routine
turns humans into machines
everyday he thinks of his freedom
that he knows will never come
he gradually succumbs to the daily boredom
of his incarceration

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bits & Pieces

News flash news flash
We are on a planet in deep deep outer space
We are right now spinning and turning
What holds and pushes us is gravity

The more you love the more of yourself you lose
we too quickly forget that our stay here is short
only when our life is ending do we understand how we should have lived it
live life as a dead man who has returned from the grave
Life is too short to spend it with someone who makes you suffer

DubbleX (What Did I Say?)

Some poems are not to be written
Some poems are not meant to be recalled
Some poems are made to be forgotten
Some poems are written to be lost
Some poems are not made to get attention
Some poems are made not to be heard
The best poems are made without words

Plywood Poem
My words and lines mix with wood designs the two combined plywood and rhymes this wood use to be part of a tree that grew steady until the lumber jack was ready to cut it with an electric machete

Life is like a cold slice of pizza it still tastes good the next day

Life is like a cold slice of pizza what you cant finish today you finish tomorrow

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is It Love Or Is It Hate

Observing night club revelers
Lust hangs in the air like smoke
Tits wiggle and jiggle to natures natural rhythms
Asses shake to beat breaks night marauders appreciate
Out on the dance floor don't hesitate
Let the sex smell germinate as people look to hook up with a mate to date
Some find love others find hate
People mix and mingle mostly single
Loud music overwhelms conversation
Fights break out with altercation
Drinks get mixed and pounded to the state of intoxication it's a common situation
Drugs are smoked and sniffed to get that lift
Heads spin while the dj spins the later it gets the crowd gets thin
But before that the dance floor gets packed
The sexes interact
The lights get dim people line up to get in
Drinking juice and gin to enhance the tipsy grin
A night that starts out with a loud crowd ends in lonely despair or a sudden affair

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When gentrification comes
The crack houses become condos
The burnt out buildings now are renovated
with sliding glass windows
and of course the poor have to go
3 families get packed into a studio
when that city wind blows
Gentrification in
bodegas gets replaced by pricey cafĂ©’s
loud weekend parties get moved away
the color of pedestrians changes
like traffic lights from black and Latino to white
Gentrification strikes leaves minorities
homeless with court eviction fights
when rents go up to sky heights
Slenderized joggers replace baby carriage
pushing mama’s baseball caps and baggy jeans
get replaced by suits and ties and reconstruction teams
The hood gets changed like a radio station
The poor move to a shelter location
Everyone thinks this is progress as
These Harlem slums are slowly repossessed
By wealthy interests and of course
The neighborhood name must be changed
Central Park North is no longer the same
As venture capitalists entrench their chains
Only the poor complain
Gentrification is a steam rolling train.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Manhattan Forest or Zoo...

I walk through the enchanted forest of tall office trees
with small bushes of brown stones
fresh concrete grows daily
and smothers all life underneath it
it grows square and gray and rigid alongside steel trees
wild criminal animals roam and attack until caged in the local zoo
keep the animals locked in the city zoo
they lock up us humans too
my cell block is Manhattan
every where I go shit happens
my job is my prison
they keep me locked in institutions
giving me their solutions
they tell me this is the home of the free
but people around me report everything they see
because I live as I believe that I am free to be me
so institutions looks at me funny
as a matter of fuck this job they can keep their money

A beautiful mist of pollution hangs over Manhattan’s chemical rain forest
Mercurys SUVs Fords Toyotas and Mitsubishi all add to it
Cry out in horn chirps and other species
vehicles for emergencies screaming sirens
Race over tar covered postmodern dirt roads
Saving us from fire and death is their goal
This city terrain is slighted and a jagged edge covers the horizon
Our streets covered in human daytime congestion
The forgotten get swallowed with gassy ingestion
Few stop and colorful lights to question
This city life is an unseen obsession

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time is up

I have done my time

I have served you faithfully for a decade that stretched 15 years

my tears that I have cried over you I now use to clean your scent from my soul

I have taken pounds of your ponderous abuse
been forced to swallow your flaming words

I have held your hand and pulled you upright

I have protected you from fiery arrows of angry x lovers

have suffered countless needless tongue lashings and reconstructed myself from the glob of sorrow you left swirling on the floor

I vowed to re-mold myself
not with dough or clay but steel and brick

I prayed to gods of many religions to see if any would listen
to resurrect me from what seemed my sealed fate

yet my soul can't stand no more of the torture of your treatment

I step forward from my emotional prison and find myself the target of judgment and long nosed glances

what have I done but desire to finish my life in the company of peace and joy

what law has come down from above that says I must continue in a life that crushes my passions

I have imprisoned myself willfully and willfully I now turn the key
I make a mad dash for the gates with my eyes wide

to remain with the one who has forgotten my needs that pulse daily with hot desire is like being a black eclipsed sun living in denied insanity

my dreams still dance in front of my eyes

with a final grasp you offer me to stay confined to your insensitivity
and I respond smilingly happy divorce
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