Monday, August 25, 2008

The Prius Cheats Death...

I was reaching for the lotion in the glove compartment of the jet black Toyota Prius. We were at a stop light. I saw a bus behind us. The bus started to move and I realized within seconds he was going to hit us. Joy put her foot on the gas to attempt to escape but the car could not move fast enough and we got whacked right in the bumper, right back, breaking the tail light. The bus driver was mad, said "He would loose his job". He started waving his hands as Joy jumped out to talk with him. The bus stopped in the middle of the street. All of the passengers on the bus looked on, anxious and upset that their forward progress had been halted. Within about 20 minutes a lot of official people were on the scene: MTA supervisors' and NYC police officers. They all wanted to hear the story. Some took pictures and statements. The passengers from the bus were all transfered like a human herd to another bus. People took sides as to whom was at fault.
The police took my name. The MTA supervisor guy told Joy to take the car to Shea Stadium to the gypsies to knock out the dent that was made. Joy was skeptical about going on such a treasure hunt. We waited for all the reports to be made and insurance info exchanged. As I sat in the car with the doors open I felt pain in my neck, a slight whip lash I thought to myself. In hindsight we were luck not to be hurt after being struck by the ten ton city bus. We drove off to Bob Marley music glad to be off that corner.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008


She tells me you are my addiction
My junky affliction
You are my crack cocaine and heroin
All rolled up into one potent love blunt
Every hit I take of you keeps me coming back for another taste
I never get my fill of you
Your love keeps me high
You are my methadone, my crystal meth
Inhale deeply your potent smoky love breath
People don’t understand why I am with you
I tell them she is my opium my speed my valium
She is a drug whose potency no other seller can match
My lover is my addiction
She is a drug and rehab all in one
I want more of her and double the quantity
She is my peaceful sex addiction
I chase after her like a junky craving a fix
She is my addiction and I am hers
Together we stay on this fix
People keep trying to tell us to stop
She is exotic medical pot
I say please please listen
we are each others addiction

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008


reworked old poems
wrote a new poem
thought about a new scene for book
watched The Yankees lose
saw people swimming in a pool
ate some really good pasta
my gums are starting to do better
happy about getting a new job
started reading A Good Day to Die
chatted back and forth with Joy

Free the innocent political prisoners

China out of Tibet
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