Monday, September 28, 2009

My Playlist

I listen to my iPod
It blocks out the sounds of things around
Especially when riding the train uptown and down
16 gigabytes of room for applications and iTunes
2726 songs my play list is mad long got Louie Armstrong
I've got Coltrane to Prince's Purple Rain
Public Enemy and EPMD Run DMC Sly and Robbie
Nine-Inch Nails and Rage Against The Machine Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean
Alice in Chains to Bad Brains Big Daddy Cane Little Wayne to House of Pain
Curtis blow to Fat Joe
Biz Markey and Barrington Levy to Young Jeezy AC/DC to Jay-Z
Akon and Little Jon
Amy Winehouse to Eek-A-Mouse
B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix Little Wing
Bernie Man and The Wu Tan Clan
Bahamadia to Aaliyah to Monica Carlos Santana to Nervana
Billie Holiday to Morris Day Macy Gray Marvin Gaye
Bob Marley and Lee Scratch Perry
David Bowie to The Brand New Heavies
Buckwheat Zydeco to Agustus Pablo D'Angelo Lupe Fiasco Cool G Rap with D J Polo Nelly Furtado
Ceila Cruz to John Lee Hooker singing the blues
DJ Cam to Yellow Man Pearl Jam MC Shan
Cream to The Dream
Eric B. and Rakim to Eminem
Black Sabbath to The Smiths
Parliament Funkadelic to Funkmaster Flex and DMX and Annie Lennox
On shuffle I wonder what will be next
De La Soul Depeche Mode Dilated Peoples
Stevie Wonder to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Sarah Vaughn
Red Hot Chili Peppers Def Leppard Mos Def to The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
I get my MP3's illegally
back in the day of Napster
before you had to pay
I never tire of music I get from Limewire
Erykah Badu Sade to Beyonce
Incubus Fabolous Newcleus to Thelonious
Janis Joplin Led Zeppelin to Tracy Chapman Malcolm Marclen to Smashing Pumpkins
Korn Lauryn Hill to Cyprus Hills
Les Nubians to The Brand Nubians
Lou Reed to Creed
Dread Zeppelin Ornette Coleman
Mikey Dread and The Grateful Dead to The Talking Heads
OutKast Eartha Kit to Limp Bizkit to Nas’s Illmatic
Sly and the Family Stone Grace Jones Nina Simone to the Rolling Stones
UB40 U2 to Tupac
They all rock

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had to get up ~ tag up like a disease
My hand to the marker would freeze
Never got busted by the police
My vandalism did increase
Made me a graffiti sticker beast
Spray paint, steel ball - shaking feast
Busting colors like caps
Sticker slaps
The world and I would interact
Fat markers in pockets packed
To get my name fame
Artistic acclaim for the graffiti insane
Those who died writing on trains
Scaling walls and road over hangs
Those crews and gangs
For FC and MPC and living graffiti legends like CRASH and LEE
I used to live and die graffiti
From marker stains
to the chemical smell of permanent markers swirling and bleeding into black books for artistic crooks
For city marching over dark blocks
tagging up and hitting perfect spots
Blending colors of icy grape
make wild style shapes
Midnight bombing runs
Burners and throw ups
Getting raided and buffed
to high speed fence jumping
running to escape 5 0
to staring down a graffiti rival
Fat caps and bubble letters
Standing on the shoulders of others reaching high spots with paint that last forever
Outsmarting drips
Cutting marker tips
From dazed eyes from too many forty dog sips
Drawing crazy characters with blunts dangling from African lips
From dissing toys with my homeboys
Getting that jungle green piece rolling over elevated tracks
back when wack meant wack!
Sitting for hours just watching window down and full car flats
The 149th street writers’ bench
Before graffiti went to Europe and spoke French
Before the clean trains erased the name fame
I loved seeing my name rolling IRT, BMT and MTA trains

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congress was in session

to apologize for 400 years of oppression
in succession
America are you really sorry for the slave ships
for the bull whips
for the lynching and raping
for killing of slaves who were escaping
it’s a hole in your history that still is gaping
the selling and buying
of humanity
could you not see that this was insanity
the looting of nations for their population
did this not bring some consternation
where is the give back for lifetimes of free labor and breaking of backs
to the billions of dollars make off of crops and cotton stacks
America look over the facts
this land is a ceiling and floor filled with bleeding cracks
Is your apology done down on bended knee
To try to forget the atrocity with little civility
A monetary apology for those descendants of slavery
Would be a better way to try to say sorry
For the mass graves of African slaves
The separation of families
America this is your history
It’s like an open wound no way to shut it
murders, raping and maiming
I am sorry just doesn’t cut it

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Citizenry Got No Health Care?

I ain't got no health care

ain't got no Welfare or Medicaid

It's medical warfare

HMO's got to go

They lead to early funerals

When coverage gets denied people die

We are the only first world country who refuse its people the opportunity for free health care

It’s a daily nightmare

should be a right of our citizenship in this land of the rich

the government should pay to take care of its own instead we’re left on our own while insurance companies pray on us, like vultures they roam

no one is left to atone their behavior should not be condoned

instead it's cloned affecting home after home

HMOs bottom line is making money that's why so many requested procedures are declined saving the sick is a waste of their time

How many more years shall they continue with death on the menu so many get screwed abused and misused

Many can't afford to pay so they are turned away by hospitals to their sure early decay

A sad situation played out across the nation over paying for medication they are getting wealthy off our generation

What will it take for this country to change its policies to not take advantage of the sick and needy

Too many bankrupt because they can't cough up

They need cash flow for an operation meant to save their life, one delay turns into another doctors don’t get paid for procedures insurance don’t cover

it's time to speak up and not stay shut

Make congress pass a bill for free affordable health care it's everywhere except here

How many more people have to die

How many more people will be placed in deep debt while insurance companies show no regret for the quality of life they forfeit

claiming standard procedures are experimental

the deaths that come as a result are not accidental

health care should be a right that’s fundamental

check out the short video of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explaining what a public option for healthcare coverage means for us at Bravenew Films.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

DubbleX Chilling At Crib

these photos are property of Joy Leftow courtesy of her. She asked me to pose in front of my dreadlock poem scrawled on my wall one manic night.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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