Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hungry For Love

I love to cover you with kisses
like rain clouds cover a threatening sky
I want to blanket you with affection
so you can know the warmth of my love
I would adorn you with gentle touches
and drape your body with a silent tongue
I still love you though many days have passed
with each inhale and exhale your essence dances in my minds eye
your soul gets me high like too much oxygen
the way you love me makes my soul spin
since the first time I saw you
heard your voice
you crept into my consciousness
and captured my thoughts
your love is like rushing water, like sweet honey pouring in a water fall
and home made pie you love to eat on Saturdays and holidays

Monday, February 23, 2009

Vacate the premises

I am your verbal nemesis
I am the one with the Dubble X’s
I ride in a Prius fuck the gas guzzling Lexus
Vacate the premises
pulling rhymes out my mouth like a tooth pulling dentist
I’m just relentless
am a professional
only pros attempt this
my poetical paragraph so strong
you cant indent this
so vacate the premises
My landlord is my nemesis
They want to evict me quickly
Cause I write graffiti
On the apartment walls I see
But I refuse whole heartily
To vacate the premises

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tribute to John Coltraine

Rip rocken
Sure shocken
Be boppen
Get things poppen
Drown in the avalanche of sound
Smooth riffs of saxophones
Drum and bass a cacophony of tones
Jazzy melodies and 20-minute solos
In the flow it goes
Listen to him blow up and down the scale
Climbing to the top the cat sure can wail
He's a musical genius, tremendous
The bass and sax make you tingle and relax
He's a legend of jazz
Pushing it to out of breath
His breath control circular breathing
Look close, you can see his chest heaving
Covering the night club with a musical flood
Sound so bold and bright playing deep into the night
Fingers quick in a split kicking off licks
He makes it look so easy and sound so ready
Accompanied by a throbbing bass and drumming pace
Like busting through darkness
His sound drips then gushes
He lived that lush life high as a kite, drinks or smack he could play that sax
Expressing emotions and feeling his be bop beat no one else could compete so unique and complete be free style or off the sheet
he captured the vibe of city streets
Back in the day that man could play
Fast or slow sweet and mellow
He played like the sound of a sunrise
He played like the sound of the dawn
Quiet like whispers of nightfall
The beat of heavy rainfall, deep in the jungle call
Notes squealing and squeaking like his instrument was speaking kept peaking the next level seeking
Made you feel something playing music sounding like running so stunning backed by drumming bass fingers strumming
He uncovered explored and opened sounds to his sax roar
want more want more
how that melody did soar in score after score
The cymbal and the high hat the toe tap
Plays filling the empty spaces a colorful oasis with rhythm chases
guides our ears through a maze of amazing solos the way you blow
Like no other like no other
Saxophone smothered
There you go again blowing like a northeasterly wind
So free so easy so easy so free
Holding those high notes making music float playing in the haze of your dope
Your music stands the test of time
It is everlasting forceful blasting
I like to listen to you in my different mind states help me escape
I want to ride that Blue Train
With My Favorite things
Making that soprano sax sing
Want to make my Ascension with Giant Steps
To the Afro Blue Impression
To Meditations
Got to hear that Love Supreme
From the Blue Note to The Village Vanguard
You were kicking it heavy and hard
Getting down with Monk and Miles
That free jazz invented your own style

Monday, February 16, 2009


We forget that this world is naked
we attempt to clothe her with our futility
we dress her up with structures
get her drunk on chemicals - get her high with pollution
then wonder why she is now ill
we question where has the water gone; it used to rain and snow here and there
we seem dumbfounded that certain plants no longer grow
and countless animals have disappeared
the world is still naked but we dress her up in heels
as we dig our oil wells spikes to her core strip mine her land
we alter her with breast implants of nuclear plants
we dye her sky hair with colors of radiation
and we wonder why she is balding; the hole in the ozone layer grows
we take her out dancing - use her for are personal pleasure
then wonder why she is suffering with a fever that is steadily warming
we try to shape her and drape her with our form of beauty
then complain our cities
We feed her our trash and then wonder why things are now out of balance
We care for her not and are surprised how quickly she is now aging
the only problem is we forget that she is carrying us daily in her arms

Dubble X wrote the above verse; his partner, JL, wrote the second verse

Dubble X and I combine our verse to praise our mother earth
I want to power the Mohave desert with miles and miles
Of solar panels – enough to run the entire planet
Power the world on solar energy
I want to do this because I love mother earth,
Worship her in her design, she is my creator
The creator of the generations of humans and time
Creator of our earth she bestows grace, productivity proclivity and life
I want to power the Mohave desert with miles and miles of solar panels
So the earth will survive
So my children’s children and yours
Will inherit the earth, so they
Will have a planet on which to reside
A planet that supports life
Because as it stands now
Mother Earth will survive while humanity will die out
The ice age is coming…
Mother Earth will survive …
She will begin the cycle all over again
Will have a planet on which to survive

Please check out Don Coorough'sblog post, On the Organizatioon of an Enlightened and Ecologically Sound Community

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So a black man is president

We hold these truth's to be self-evident
When they wrote the constitution a black man could make no contribution
After the Emancipation Proclamation
We were still the problem and not the solution
Legally declared 3/5ths of a man
only good for a slave hand
There were only whites in the white house
now a black man his kids and his spouse
I wonder what Jefferson Washington and Lincoln would think
Would they toast him with a drink or think the country will sink
We’re already on the brink of another great depression
Our recession is now in session
from segregation to Brown Vs. the Board of Education
Mr. Obama will you help me to get my reparations from this nation
My 40 acres and a mule or am I just a naïve fool
Because this country is still cruel
We've come a long way from slave ship days
From cotton picking plantation ways
From strange fruit hanging high above tree roots
From Jim Crow laws to masters whipping slaves backs bloody raw
The atrocities this country claims it never saw
slaves to servants to president
But aren’t you half white and all of us blacks are any color but black - different shades brown from all the raping and mixing gone around
come a long way since lynching in 1868 back in slave and free states
Still suffer from hate crimes in 2009
From bus boycotts to riots in Watts
To Medgar Evers and Malcolm getting shot
Now we all looking up to you standing on the top spot
The Japanese during World War II got their dues so did some Jews
So I just wonder if it could be true that you could come through
For all my ancestors in 400 years of oppression deservers some type of compensation
I know you will be busy trying to clean up 8 years of republican misery
Try to mend our relations with other nations getting our soldiers out of Iraq
Bringing our boys back
The banking crisis and the economy giving Iraq its true autonomy
your family comes from Kenya you bring us hope of a Kennedy
This once in a lifetime opportunity
hoping this country and congress you can bring to unity
From fighting for civil rights to KKK burning cross and throwing bombs at night.
From Dr. King let freedom ring
To Rodney King 1992 Cali riot swings all these things
Nat Turner leading slaves to rebel
David Walker encouraged those enslaved to break from their cell
John Brown and Fredrick Douglas the abolitionist
To black power raising Olympic fist John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Black panthers Angela Davis and Huey Newton patrolling with a shotgun
To run Jesse run
To the underground-railroad with Harriet Tubmon
This is where we come from
Never succumb to oppression fighting for freedom
We will not panic or get frantic
You Mr. President will fix up this country like a political mechanic
Yes you did I never thought I would live
Long enough to see a black man in the white house crib but there it is
Everybody got to do what he says cause for the next four years he's the pres-ident, it's no accident some meant to lament and resent but this is your moment
Been waiting since the thirteenth Amendment
Singing we shall over come from marching in Selma Alabama now we got Barrack Obama
From protest and picket lines to jail cells and welfare lines now it's our time to shine
From niggers to negros
Dreadlocks and Afros
Look how we grow
From African American to American
Yes we can yes we can

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's another rush hour

Millions of sleepy New Yorkers venture to the street
The pushing and shoving
Packed in trapped crowds stout and lean bodies fight for space in dirty abject mass transit squalor
They wrestle for a few dingy hard seats
Trying not to be late one eye stays on the watch
Herded and prodded with bags books and briefcases
Excuse me and pardon me are words repeated tenfold
Human density is reached
Angry bodies block all exit ways
Nobody talks nobody smiles it's a solemn ride
A beggar depressing pitch breaks the silence
Right before your time to switch
Highway congestion as car volume turns the highway to the speed of a rowboat
Road rage hangs in the air like pollution
Horns blare as nobody gets anywhere
Gridlock is threatens on every other city block
You got to beat the clock
Your boss enters your mine
Trying not to be late yet another time
Toes get crushed by heels and tread on by over priced sneakers
Every stop more and more people manage to fight their way on
Few leave we struggle for every inch
Total strangers touch and get closer than lovers
Someone’s bag is in my back
Someone’s stank ass is on my leg
We roll slowly to the downtown destination station by station

Friday, February 6, 2009

Take this job and shove it!

Try to get this paper
So we get caught up in the rat race trying to pace
Trying to save face
At the job place
This green paper we got to chase
Collecting dead presidents for our time
Without money this society is impossible to calculate
I want to to get a counterfeit machine and print tons of that green
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