Monday, November 28, 2011

I have more to say then I can write

I have more to say then I can write

More to write then I can say
More to do then can be done
More to remember then I can forget
Pursuits and quests take me on a mental voyage wresting through intellectual seas
I envision a better me in the future
In Seconds there’s a vast improvement to my empathy
As humanity’s cries are crushed under the weight of one trillion dollars they holler
Couldn’t you have spared a few dollars so my baby has clean water to drink?
Can’t you spare a few euros so for some clean clothes?
Nobody knows the depth of a man’s despair when he’s entrapped in enslavement
Mentally, physically, spiritually,
As is done to us daily because we’re the 99 percent
Two black holes colliding is the gripping emotion of a man before a vile action is taken
Changing his destiny like a shifting of the axis on the intergalactic seascape
How can he recapture his yesterdays
his purity
his innocence?
Now most of us are penniless
His fortune fueled by his missteps
We walk this planet with unhealed bleeding wounds on our souls
And I keep trying to imagine a healing of the injury a complete recovery
To return to a whole state of being
Not only for me but for this great nation
We are made in unique perfection selected for prominence
No matter your name
No matter your color
No matter your country
We are made for brilliance,
To see our destiny and shine
I have more to say then I can write

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sanctity of Marriage

He watches the playboy channel and masturbates in front of his wife
she thinks he’s lost his mind
to be doing this in front of her after all this time
She just sucked his dick for the first time
but could not bring herself to swallow the sperm
she was concerned
Now she wonders if he’s cheating and it’s not just his dick he’s beating
She sees porn girls on his FaceBook account
there was an intervention with his mother in-law and wife
he cried and said he didn’t know his intentions
did he have to mention a proposition from a women about a sexual position?
how could he stray with four kids and claims he wants another baby by the way
he jerks his wifes head down and pushes it towards his cock
she tells him to stop
and puts him on a sex diet
he is starving to hit it
the drama unfolds as his teenage son puts his two cents in the dispute
on Twitter he follows girls who are cute
maybe he really want a prostitute
he wants his woman to be bitch hoe and mother to his kids
she doesn’t know what to make of his change of attitude
treats her ike some slut he wishes to poke
she said he’s kind of crude
he went to therapy
to cure him of what he couldn’t see
and after one session he said now I see the problem is you not me
now he looks at her with hate
she looks at him and cries
he complains his early twenties wild oats times was deprived
now he’s staying with his sister
hopefully the marriage won’t end up in an infidelity smoke

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America's Apology

Congress was in session

to apologize for 400 years of oppression

in succession

America are you really sorry for the slave ships

for the bull whips

for the lynching and raping

for killing of slaves who were escaping

it’s a hole in your history that's still gaping

the selling and buying

of humanity

couldn't you see this was insanity

looting nations for their population

did this bring some consternation

where is the give back for lifetimes of free labor and breaking of backs

to the billions of dollars made off of crops and cotton stacks

America look over the facts

this land is a ceiling and floor filled with bleeding cracks

Is your apology done down on bended knee

You try to forget the atrocity with little civility

A monetary apology for those descendents of slavery

Would be a better way to say sorry

For the mass graves of African slaves

The separation of families

America this is your history

Like an open wound no way to shut it

murders, raping and maiming

I'm sorry just doesn’t cut it

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm not down yet

Bring it
I sing it
Just gonna fling it
Go off the top and wing it
I got to do my best
So put me to the test
Let the troubles come son
And watch me overcome every one
This life is a constant fight
In the thick of the fight of my life
It’s life or death so i got to be set
it’s my survival instinct
I stay on the brink trying not to sink
So bring it
Yet another day
Another trouble
For the dubble-X
What’s next got to be ready for what ever
Death haunts me, wants to sever my connections
But I’m gonna survive this hurricane weather
Whatever it takes
I try not to break
So bring it
I can curve and move straight
Through the hard times
The tough binds
I won’t resign
On the edge of crossing the last line
Dancing on my last nerve
Tinkering on the edge caught in a wedge
So bring it
Another bad job
Another rowdy kid mob
I motivate watch me create
I got what it takes since I busted out the gate
So bring it watch me sting it
I’m cooked but not done
I get stunned
Get knocked to the mat
then I snap right back
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