Sunday, December 16, 2012

MyLife Is Hungry

Dying of thirst
lost in a wild fire
burned by blow back
stomach growling
fingers twitching
trying to reach and grasp the wind
my life is oozing slowly like wounds that won’t heal
blood drips from my soul as everything folds
I hear the drunk Hispanic man on 168 Street and Broadway yelling out mi vida, mi vida, mi vida, tengo hambre,
hungry for what I can’t have
hungry for what my hands fail to hold
thirsty for my brain lost in my psychosis
not rooted in reality
my life’s in a tail spin
a free for all fall 
parched in the driest desert
waking in pools of fear
on the precipice of disaster
trying to run faster
I can’t catch my breath
running from death
my life is starving
shriveled up and anorexic
depressed and dejected
spiraling down like a slinky on the steps of Machu Picchu  
no food can feed me
liquid fails to satisfy my cotton mouth
I’m lost on the summit in a moment I will plummet
my life is falling apart like a Volkswagen with 400,000 miles on it
The inside is dying
waiting to die
my spirit is frying
my life is hungry 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Venting Again

I want to vent about the crack heads in the ghetto
The meth mouths in the middle and south
I want to vent about fracking dirty water and worldwide genocides
The new world order the free masons and
Fi Bata Capa’s sorority and frat house hazing
The on coming apocalypses cops’ glock clips and slave master whips
The holocaust and all that was lost
Harvard and Yale graduates on welfare lines
a sign of desperate times
I want to vent like the 99 percent about the mistreatment
Climate change and global warming and the on coming ice age that is forming
Disfigured and deformed lab animals.
The treatment of cattle M16 gun rattle in a senseless battle
I want to vent about the poor and indigent dying by the millions of aids
because of drug companies making money on pharmaceutical cures while Magic Johnson analyzes NBA games with his HIV looking in perfect health
I want to vent about the abundance of wealth kept to self
And covert missions marked as stealth
Private wars by black water and black ops
The hijacking of the Internet the censorship fighting in the Middle East
and embargo in the Gaza strip
I want to vent about the high drop out rate of truant high school students
and unemployment numbers zooming up like a thermometer in the Sahara desert
Children in third world countries living in shantytown shacks and sleeping on dirt
Acid rain pollution and nuclear waste
first amendment rights and the constitution defaced
I want to vent about child porn and the sex trade
children loosing limbs and legs to land minds and grenades
Republican’s threaten to cut Social Security while
spending trillions on homeland Security
I want to vent about sending people to outer space while whole families are displaced and the ongoing arms race
The United States government smuggling and selling cocaine
paying $12 a pack for Marlboro cigarettes while doing under handed deals ‘
in back alleys to cop a dime bag of weed
Legalize that shit already
I want to vent about pregnant moms on heroin
Like Neil Young said “I’ve seen the needle and the damage done.”
I want to vent and let it all hang out like an ass-naked 352 woman
strolling down Wall Street
More to say then I can write more to write then I can say

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lost In The Tech Age

I forgot my password
Can’t seem to remember it
I did not forget the whole thing
Oh no I did
What was my username?
What? I forgot that too
Now I can’t work on my website
Got to call the tech guy
Now he asked what is my customer id
I said excuse me what’s that
I spend time entering possible combinations
I know one of them has to work, has to
I try different letters and numbers
My frustration grows as I keep getting that same wrong password window
The browser mocks me YOU FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD
So many numbers and passwords form debit card, locker, bank number, depart of Ed employee number social security, checking account myspace, gmail, hotmail, facebook, twitter 
It’s all too much to keep in my head
My computer remembers all my log in information
But from time to time some how the info gets lost on my hard drive
What is my secret question?
What’s the answer to my secret question?
Which email account did I use to register for this site
I want to see my home page
Should have wrote down the stuff on a sticky note
Or put it in a word file
I smack myself in the forehead
I curse myself
I forgot my password to my email
How can I check my email to get the new temporary password?
My nightmare continues
Did I use upper or lower case letters?
Did I use symbols and numbers?
I start to pull out my hair
Wrong password
Wrong username
Wrong password
Wrong username
It’s highlighted in red
I watch the page reload and hope this time it will work
my faulty memory
I think maybe I should just say fuck it and start a new account
But what about all my emails all my friends and followers
I image tons of important emails coming in that I can’t check
People leaving incredible comments on my facebook page
Having one hundred new followers on twitter
Having hundreds of hits on my flickr photos
I take a deep breath and sigh
I watch the little dots appear on the screen in the password box
I cross my fingers and toes
I try and try like some hacker trying to break a code
I want to explode
Finally I remember the email account I used
I check the email
Get my username and new temporary password
Go back to the website
Type everything in again
It’s a miracle I can see all my shit
I create a new password but again I don’t write it down
Set to repeat the same thing over again

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mic check Mic check

We are back again I represent the 99 percent
Who resents the one percent who has all the money that is spent
They got millions and billons to satisfy the greedy
They don’t care to feed the needy
We camp out and protest the mess
of this so-called democratic process
We march and demonstrate to try to alter our fate

Plastic bullets are fired and still we remain inspired
Tear gas is thrown in the crowd
panic sweeps through like a jet stream in the fogginess
We wonder where is the freedom where is the justice
What crime did we commit?

No one is read their rights. It’s not explained why they’re detained
Americans young old from all backgrounds and colors
dragged with plastic handcuffs on their wrists
Thousands arrested when we protest and resist
Someone’s forgotten my first amendment rights
Someone’s forgotten my right to free assembly
Someone has forgotten this is a democracy

The 99% reach out and rise from a flicker on Wall Street
to a flame burning through our countries main streets to
around the world north south west and east
Hear the sound of marching feet to defeat the elite
We protest against the bankers’ bailouts
We protest against foreclosed homes
Our outrageous student loans
Against our working homeless
We stand against big money in politics
We demand healthcare for the poor who are sick
We amass to stand against corporate greed
We chant for freedom from poverty for those in need

The police come in the dead of night and rip
down our protest signs
They rip down tents and tarps
They trash thousands of library books
They herd us with horses to force us to change
our marching courses
spray us with mace,
fence us in with blockades
The right wing money controlled media turns a blind eye
What is their reply?
Will you sit idly by?
What is the future for our children in this economy?

This country is full of irony
We condemn other countries for limiting freedom of speech
but can’t see our own hypocrisy
Corporations are not people
We need a country that is equal
So mic check this nation
Let the unions take to the streets
Demonstrate a strike
Let us close down ports in Oakland California New York and Florida
Demonstrate in the streets of D.C.
Occupy Wall Street close down the stock exchange
We are the 99 percent screaming it’s time for a change.

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