Saturday, October 31, 2009


This election
This unnatural selection
Rejection of the truth
What really went down in the election booth?
Did they count the vote note you wrote?
Or did they delete it remote
Modems get hijack
No paper facts on a die bolt touch screen
Smoke screen
I want to scream
As W once again has been deemed supreme
By the Right Wing Neo-Conservative Regime
As Native American
And Africans
Stand in long soviet lines
Are harassed and attacked
How could it be that exit polls are wrong?
59 million strong chanting mass hysteria song
They live in a delusion of spin
That is spun
Unable to understand t
That gore and Kerry really won
CNN, Fox and many daily’s
Provide the fodder that the public chews
Swallowed digested and regurgitated on the nightly news
But still next time
Let’s not rock the vote
Or vote or die
But lets make sure over votes don’t die

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jusin Cabrera posts my pics


A young dude, Justin Cabrera, caught some pics in our hood.

He wrote, "Hi my name is Justin and I've seen your work around the hood.
1st time i saw your work was on the 1 train elevator on 181's street.
very nice work hope you enjoy the photo's :D"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Watch my flow spill
So dope you ask for refills
Designated to be creative
Poetry is my native language
I dangle words over the edge
Smell my intentions
Sixth sense my rhythm like an oncoming schism
I got mad skills I cheat death with my every breath
With my inhales and exhales I break from my mental jail
The incarceration and prison of depression
Trying to crack the bulletproof roof of war waged every day inside my dome cage
Faced with daymares
trying to put circles into squares
A daily madness
a perpetual sadness
But I got mad skills
I turn Jedi mind tricks with Bruce Lee kicks
when I am caught in the thick of darkness
I scramble for the daylight
out a sight
I scream as my life reignites
I sink to the depths of the abyss
Submerged like an iceberg I kiss the bliss
On a roller coaster a falling elevator with no breaks plummeting to the basement
Falling faster than a sky diver with a no parachute
somehow I’m a survivor
trying to figure out how to stay live-er
I travel to the brink of madness and back like a dare devil acrobat
I got mad skills I am a whirlwind of thought caught
a 200-mile per hour twister blows threw my neurons
while I drop lyrical bombs
I stay on like Con Ed
words break danced in my head then fled
I move in slow motion and still come in first
A chain of words bursts from my brain
Certifiably insane - still I maintain
Absconded from the psyche ward
Repelled out the window with my microphone cord
been sedated and heavily medicated
I survived staying creative
Locked up long nights
they took all my pens so I could not write
I scribbled in crayons
they could not break my poetic bonds
Dubble handcuffed in the back of squad car
I still played air guitar
Cuz I got mad skills

Saturday, October 17, 2009


collaborations: my handwriting styles combines with Joy's sketches and words.

collaboration: sketch by violetart (joy leftow) in sharpie marker from beginning to end
writing by Dubblex

Writings by dubblex

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dubblex Graffiti

I am a spray can with a wall of possibilities
I shoot out in all directions and tag up infinity
With a psychedelic kaleidoscopic of eternal hope
I float through time with my rhyme
I walk backward thru my past lives
And understand there is only one day
One minute one second one small tick of the clock
That’s why I got to rock the spot non-stop
I am swirls of Jackson Pollock paint spilling and exploding in a black universe
Streaking light years past the sun I am lost and found in a vortex the ever-drifting DubbleX reaching for the apex
Shake up this Rustoleum Aerosol spraying graffiti like Van Gogh Picasso and Miro

Friday, October 9, 2009

Once you go Mac you never go back

I use to have two PCs
both running different versions of Microsoft windows
viruses lived in the shadows
it constantly crashed and was slow on downloads
it took half an hour to start up
seemed like it was always stuck
One time the hard drive died
I lost all the poems I had stored inside
The computer was infested
spyware everywhere
constant pop ups like popcorn
I looked at it with deep scorn
once it started up it would not shut down
many times I wanted to slam it to the ground
It was slower then a traffic jam everyday a new update for PC
endless daily Norton anti-virus updates
a new threat of some Trojan horse or bug made me wanna do drugs
I would try to upgrade windows un-operating systems
I had Windows
---------------Millennium 2000
-------------------------------------and Vista
they all made me break out in fever blisters
made no difference
called my friend for aid
yet another fix and upgrade
I found myself watching the little white hourglass
as once again it crashed
left me scratching my ass
praying to Bill Gates that he’d make it go fast
I installed more memory but it didn’t solve the problem for me
It started to restart on it’s own
while I was right in the middle of some artistic zone
Applications suddenly close
Next the computer froze
I’d have to reboot
my computer i want to shoot
My software had back doors
Working with it was such a chore
I was always running low on gigabytes
had me mad uptight
trying to install and uninstall programs
when a virus or problem began
again my computer got wiped
un-operating system fright
my first experience with apple was an iPod colored black
I liked I tunes but pretty soon on a PC again there were problems for me

my PC had strange places called bios this too I had to learn and be concerned
every once in a while I’d see the blue screen of death
told me my PC had hard nothing left
was on its last binary breath
Just when I reached my wits end I met my girlfriend
she gave me a Mac G4 bringing my PC use to a pause
The first shock was I could have lots of applications open and it would not stop
my mouth just dropped
The hard drive had lots more space my PC got quickly replaced I moved my music files to itunes and smiled

It took less then a minute to begin it
And I easily became familiar with mac though it’s not similar to PC it just shows you how to use it naturally

2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
--------------------2Giga Bytes of memory
----------------------------------500 Giga Byte hard drive I felt alive

I started making music
itunes, garageband and iphoto – for everything I use it
I got the iMac now I’ll never go back so many features so easy to use
Videos, documents photos and it doesn’t crash - threw my PC in the trash
Cleared up my PC blues free at last free at last
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