Thursday, August 14, 2008


She tells me you are my addiction
My junky affliction
You are my crack cocaine and heroin
All rolled up into one potent love blunt
Every hit I take of you keeps me coming back for another taste
I never get my fill of you
Your love keeps me high
You are my methadone, my crystal meth
Inhale deeply your potent smoky love breath
People don’t understand why I am with you
I tell them she is my opium my speed my valium
She is a drug whose potency no other seller can match
My lover is my addiction
She is a drug and rehab all in one
I want more of her and double the quantity
She is my peaceful sex addiction
I chase after her like a junky craving a fix
She is my addiction and I am hers
Together we stay on this fix
People keep trying to tell us to stop
She is exotic medical pot
I say please please listen
we are each others addiction

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