Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Joy Of Joy

If I could travel back in time I would relive all the moments
With you time and time again.
Rewind moments and events replay days and pieces of time
From laughing love making licking lyrics
To poetic prophetic nights of tears flowing fears
Waking neighbors with blasting reggae
Getting that 3 am lay
clear mornings of sizzling Haze Kush & regs mixed with oatmeal and eggs
To reading poetry on the stage
To finding that lost poem page
To GPS long lost travels
To Costco’s to pinched nipples
In pained inferno, finding & transcribing neglected journals
Long held stares
Twisting my hair
Holding bare hands on park walks
Forever talks
Unraveling humanity’s mysteries
Ending marriage histories
Reading our writings to each other
Isolating ourselves from the world like 2 drug addict lover-writers
This could be my heaven

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