Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's another rush hour

Millions of sleepy New Yorkers venture to the street
The pushing and shoving
Packed in trapped crowds stout and lean bodies fight for space in dirty abject mass transit squalor
They wrestle for a few dingy hard seats
Trying not to be late one eye stays on the watch
Herded and prodded with bags books and briefcases
Excuse me and pardon me are words repeated tenfold
Human density is reached
Angry bodies block all exit ways
Nobody talks nobody smiles it's a solemn ride
A beggar depressing pitch breaks the silence
Right before your time to switch
Highway congestion as car volume turns the highway to the speed of a rowboat
Road rage hangs in the air like pollution
Horns blare as nobody gets anywhere
Gridlock is threatens on every other city block
You got to beat the clock
Your boss enters your mine
Trying not to be late yet another time
Toes get crushed by heels and tread on by over priced sneakers
Every stop more and more people manage to fight their way on
Few leave we struggle for every inch
Total strangers touch and get closer than lovers
Someone’s bag is in my back
Someone’s stank ass is on my leg
We roll slowly to the downtown destination station by station


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