Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 FOUR 1 Capitalism

gonna sell sell sell sell sell it
you need to smell better
look better
love better
have a bigger cock
have your period better
cramp better
dress better
eat what we say
when we say
how we say
where we say
got 2 be a clone but think you’re an original rebel
buy all the worthless junk that will break down in a month
we’ve got the ugliest clothes that you’ve got to have
believe all the lies
shave your legs better
brush your teeth with a laser
change your brown eyes to original orange
your eyebrows are out of style
shave your head
now grow it back
dye it
curl it
burn it
weave it
deceive it
achieve it
nothing more then buying
from infomercials
click that internet ad
latest fade
junk mail
all creating
and deforming
who I was
and who I am
want out of this jam
don’t need your new version of Windows
mutilation of a nation
a world and generation
fall prey to the hype
this advertising life
only to find
they want more
ads fly across the sky
sketched in the sand
implanted in your brain
dial a lawyer
phone a friend
liposuc the fat from your gut
new pair of breasts on your flat chest
WiFi and HD
4G phones in your hand
you can talk
do a split
while you drive your high polluting
gas chugging
SUV up the freeway
70 miles an hour
Reading each billboard sign
For the next high tech design
Not realizing that you done gone lost your mind

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