Monday, November 28, 2011

I have more to say then I can write

I have more to say then I can write

More to write then I can say
More to do then can be done
More to remember then I can forget
Pursuits and quests take me on a mental voyage wresting through intellectual seas
I envision a better me in the future
In Seconds there’s a vast improvement to my empathy
As humanity’s cries are crushed under the weight of one trillion dollars they holler
Couldn’t you have spared a few dollars so my baby has clean water to drink?
Can’t you spare a few euros so for some clean clothes?
Nobody knows the depth of a man’s despair when he’s entrapped in enslavement
Mentally, physically, spiritually,
As is done to us daily because we’re the 99 percent
Two black holes colliding is the gripping emotion of a man before a vile action is taken
Changing his destiny like a shifting of the axis on the intergalactic seascape
How can he recapture his yesterdays
his purity
his innocence?
Now most of us are penniless
His fortune fueled by his missteps
We walk this planet with unhealed bleeding wounds on our souls
And I keep trying to imagine a healing of the injury a complete recovery
To return to a whole state of being
Not only for me but for this great nation
We are made in unique perfection selected for prominence
No matter your name
No matter your color
No matter your country
We are made for brilliance,
To see our destiny and shine
I have more to say then I can write


  1. I really enjoyed this poem, it was deep but also light. Somehow my poems always turn out to be just deep and cutting. Or so i've heard, I'd really appreciate you opinion and honest feedback on my two blogs,.

    Book Review Blog:

    Personal/ Poetry Blog:

    Fond Regards,

  2. Thanks for your comment. Joining a poetry workshop helps one expand. The other thing is to stick to writing what you know and avoid cliché or overused ways of saying things.


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