Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lost In The Tech Age

I forgot my password
Can’t seem to remember it
I did not forget the whole thing
Oh no I did
What was my username?
What? I forgot that too
Now I can’t work on my website
Got to call the tech guy
Now he asked what is my customer id
I said excuse me what’s that
I spend time entering possible combinations
I know one of them has to work, has to
I try different letters and numbers
My frustration grows as I keep getting that same wrong password window
The browser mocks me YOU FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD
So many numbers and passwords form debit card, locker, bank number, depart of Ed employee number social security, checking account myspace, gmail, hotmail, facebook, twitter 
It’s all too much to keep in my head
My computer remembers all my log in information
But from time to time some how the info gets lost on my hard drive
What is my secret question?
What’s the answer to my secret question?
Which email account did I use to register for this site
I want to see my home page
Should have wrote down the stuff on a sticky note
Or put it in a word file
I smack myself in the forehead
I curse myself
I forgot my password to my email
How can I check my email to get the new temporary password?
My nightmare continues
Did I use upper or lower case letters?
Did I use symbols and numbers?
I start to pull out my hair
Wrong password
Wrong username
Wrong password
Wrong username
It’s highlighted in red
I watch the page reload and hope this time it will work
my faulty memory
I think maybe I should just say fuck it and start a new account
But what about all my emails all my friends and followers
I image tons of important emails coming in that I can’t check
People leaving incredible comments on my facebook page
Having one hundred new followers on twitter
Having hundreds of hits on my flickr photos
I take a deep breath and sigh
I watch the little dots appear on the screen in the password box
I cross my fingers and toes
I try and try like some hacker trying to break a code
I want to explode
Finally I remember the email account I used
I check the email
Get my username and new temporary password
Go back to the website
Type everything in again
It’s a miracle I can see all my shit
I create a new password but again I don’t write it down
Set to repeat the same thing over again

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