Saturday, November 8, 2008


Things get lost in my one bedroom apartment
I think somewhere there must be a hole
I have lost my toothbrush and flash drive
I stroll around the house and wonder where they went
My apartment is not big mind you about 650 square feet
a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to peep and a place to leak
so it is quite the strangest thing when things just disappear
until I suddenly realize there must be a hole some where
How else can it be explained that in such a small place
so many things can remain unclaimed
To put it plain it’s a hide and seek game
that is slowly driving me and my lover insane
why just today all the lighters were gone
This includes two long black and red kitchen lighters
A light green and a dark green bic lighters
A Philips screwdriver, two nail clippers my lovers left
blue check two cartons of sidewalk chalk Bob Marley talking CD
A million times one of the three remotes to plasma TV
has gone missing, still can’t find my flash drive
and my ipod disappears for weeks
my pens and pencils at least a squad and
Now a large sharp kitchen knife is gone for two weeks
Make me wonder if my lover wished to be my legal wife
or take my life in a fit of strife
Two weeks later the knife reentered the apartment in the refrigerator
In a salad in the vegetable compartment
my protein-shaking cup is gone plus twenty bucks
Joy’s make up disappears and a piece to my melodica is gone
With a Marijuana oz of exotica
Lately this game has gone deeply strange
My toothbrush appeared on the sofa
in uncooked turkey meat I was about to eat
I had to look all over then the usual piece of paper with a phone number
I have given in to this losing thing roll
And have stepped up my search for the hole


  1. nice read...

    i hope you find the hole ;)

  2. Catholics say that if you can't find something, a quick prayer to Little Saint Anthony will help. Personally, I think there's a spirit of mischief that hides things for fun. There's certainly one in my house. My cellphone charger, missing for two days, just appeared in the middle of the living room floor. Maybe the cat hooked it out from under the sofa, or maybe the truth is out there...

  3. a happenin' site these days dubblex, great poeming, if I could find that hole myself I'd be pulling all sorts of monsters like cable bills, a chicken similar to yours probably and who knows what ... enjoyed

  4. I can see layers of meanings. Well written!


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