Monday, November 3, 2008


Don’t be that poet who takes too long
Who goes on and on
That poet we don’t get
that poet that as soon as you finish we forget
Don’t be that poet who sounds like every other poet
or that poet who sounds good and theatrical but who’s words are too dull
Don’t be that poet who hides behind their poem
Or that poet who just talks about sex just to talk about sex
And please don’t be that poet who writes poetry about sex but never has sex
Or worse yet that poet who is not a poet who writes & reads his poems about sex
to try to get other poets to have sex with him
Don’t be that drunken poet or too high poet who stands on the stage and laughs and can’t remember the poem or read it
Don’t be an undercover rasicist nazi poet and use the stage as your soap box mic stop to push infantile political platforms cause that poet will get punched
Don’t be that poet who I can’t hear or that poet who talks so fast it's unclear
Don’t be that poet who tells me about your poem before you read me your poem
And most importantly don’t be that poet who listens to me
Be the poet you want to be and write poetry you want to write and read
The worst poet to be is the poet we never see


  1. again dubblex, I really enjoyed this ... Bernie

  2. Wow! All my worst open-mic nightmares in a single poem!

  3. Really like this, I ought to have this pinned in my journal as an Anti-waffling/Pro-honesty/Kick-Up- The-Ass reminder not to lapse into bad habits!
    Scary but true.

  4. OMG! truer words were never spoken...!


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