Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rock the casbah

Today I rock the mic with all my might
in broad daylight to the crowds delight
I go on night after night
till I disappear out of sight
It's my pleasure to double the measure
digging up words like buried treasure
kicking lyrics that last forever
Sometimes the mic is my only companion
since I was mad young begun to drop rhymes off my tongue
way back from the womb I was sprung
from day one I was getting at it son
to become an architect of a rhyming dialect
the words I select come to wreck the set
my voice beats and booms and covers the room
and pretty soon you feel the rhythm of my a cappella tune
I am consumed with words in a poetic vacuum
I don’t know how to stop
coming at you like a karate chop reaching inner city blocks
spreading in waves like an aftershock
some day I hope to get my props
before death comes and I am dropped 6 feet under
until that day I will continue to rock
like a rhyming robot
I just feel this rhythmic need
Shooting words like my seed
Is my daily deed
Cut me and watch my words bleed
Trying to stay on the cutting edge
Wanting to jump off the ledge
But I don’t want to leave all my words behind
Getting lost in my own mind


  1. getting lost in my own mind.... perfect.

  2. Sometimes, the words just flow out with passion and vigor. Good stuff my man!


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