Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carnal knowledge

My fingertips hunt your flesh
I long for your embrace
Like a parched man yearns for chilled liquids
In my mind I envision you threadbare and naked
Panting for my affections
My soul dripping with passion
I study your ways and moves like a sailor navigates the seas
Determined to stir you to love me
I will control your responses to my advances
The romances and heartfelt glances
My hands, mouth and lips take their chances
As a wild animal looking for a mate
I stalk you as if my life depended on it
You live my tomorrows
You bear my future forth
I surrender to the past
Deny thee
Refuse me
Reject me
My desires overpower you
Like a North Shore wave
My desires toss you asunder
Intoxicate you
Release my serotonin rush of my concupiscence
With that - fully conquer you

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