Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congress was in session

to apologize for 400 years of oppression
in succession
America are you really sorry for the slave ships
for the bull whips
for the lynching and raping
for killing of slaves who were escaping
it’s a hole in your history that still is gaping
the selling and buying
of humanity
could you not see that this was insanity
the looting of nations for their population
did this not bring some consternation
where is the give back for lifetimes of free labor and breaking of backs
to the billions of dollars make off of crops and cotton stacks
America look over the facts
this land is a ceiling and floor filled with bleeding cracks
Is your apology done down on bended knee
To try to forget the atrocity with little civility
A monetary apology for those descendants of slavery
Would be a better way to try to say sorry
For the mass graves of African slaves
The separation of families
America this is your history
It’s like an open wound no way to shut it
murders, raping and maiming
I am sorry just doesn’t cut it


  1. So can one un-write a life time of pain and inequality, rewrite history? One cannot, but just make sure the next generation can stand in the gap of healing and make amends for those whose egos have never made an inventory of their role in the pain of nations. Education, shatter the idiosyncrasies people justify their hatred by.....maybe that is where the hope should lie - so that an informed generation would speak the truth and live in love

  2. A teacher told me that he's not allowed to use the word holocaust anymore as if it never happened. Meanwhile governments erase and rewrite history to keep our little asses down fighting each other, and that's the struggle. We have to overcome the controls. It's all so sad...

  3. With fire and brimstone you tell it like how it is. Passion can be seen through the lines and I understand that it comes about because of the nature of the issues. Good work is an understatement. Its fantastic.


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