Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Citizenry Got No Health Care?

I ain't got no health care

ain't got no Welfare or Medicaid

It's medical warfare

HMO's got to go

They lead to early funerals

When coverage gets denied people die

We are the only first world country who refuse its people the opportunity for free health care

It’s a daily nightmare

should be a right of our citizenship in this land of the rich

the government should pay to take care of its own instead we’re left on our own while insurance companies pray on us, like vultures they roam

no one is left to atone their behavior should not be condoned

instead it's cloned affecting home after home

HMOs bottom line is making money that's why so many requested procedures are declined saving the sick is a waste of their time

How many more years shall they continue with death on the menu so many get screwed abused and misused

Many can't afford to pay so they are turned away by hospitals to their sure early decay

A sad situation played out across the nation over paying for medication they are getting wealthy off our generation

What will it take for this country to change its policies to not take advantage of the sick and needy

Too many bankrupt because they can't cough up

They need cash flow for an operation meant to save their life, one delay turns into another doctors don’t get paid for procedures insurance don’t cover

it's time to speak up and not stay shut

Make congress pass a bill for free affordable health care it's everywhere except here

How many more people have to die

How many more people will be placed in deep debt while insurance companies show no regret for the quality of life they forfeit

claiming standard procedures are experimental

the deaths that come as a result are not accidental

health care should be a right that’s fundamental

check out the short video of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explaining what a public option for healthcare coverage means for us at Bravenew Films.


  1. hola

    que realidad más triste,
    si no eres rico te puedes pudrir en una esquina
    que triste

    un abrazo

  2. Singing my life with your words...Love this! A Stumble worthy work.

  3. Damn straight we need health care. We deserve this fundamental right. Stand up and make thy voice heard! The poem is powerful because it is real!


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