Saturday, October 31, 2009


This election
This unnatural selection
Rejection of the truth
What really went down in the election booth?
Did they count the vote note you wrote?
Or did they delete it remote
Modems get hijack
No paper facts on a die bolt touch screen
Smoke screen
I want to scream
As W once again has been deemed supreme
By the Right Wing Neo-Conservative Regime
As Native American
And Africans
Stand in long soviet lines
Are harassed and attacked
How could it be that exit polls are wrong?
59 million strong chanting mass hysteria song
They live in a delusion of spin
That is spun
Unable to understand t
That gore and Kerry really won
CNN, Fox and many daily’s
Provide the fodder that the public chews
Swallowed digested and regurgitated on the nightly news
But still next time
Let’s not rock the vote
Or vote or die
But lets make sure over votes don’t die

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