Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fare Beating

I use to hop the turnstile
Back in the 90’s
the token cost $1.25 or $1.50
I'd stand by the bulletproof token booth
Waiting for the right time to strike
I did this mostly at night
I had to check the platform for cops
Did not want to get stopped
I looked around corners
trying to discover undercovers
they lurked in shadows
like ghosts with guns
if you got busted it was useless to run
hopping was easy when nobody was looking
you just pulled the turnstile back and slipped into the gap
got right through as long as you were not too fat
you had to wait real late until you heard the train pulling up
to jump the turnstile
You didn't want to stand on the platform to be detected
or get subjected to a ticket because of what you did
the fine was $50 dollars - a lot more then the train fare
you had to beware
I never got busted got away scot-free
Nowadays they fixed the little gap
Where that space was at
Moved on from the days of my fare beating ways

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