Thursday, February 11, 2010

BrOkEn WorDs

My words are broken cracked and bleeding
Peeling and misleading
Stepped on like coke burning
Like purple haze smoke
They’re spoken misspoken
Disappear like a New York City token
Ripped to shreds once they leave my head
Shot stabbed caught and nabbed
They’re broken to pieces like a puzzle
Words I guzzle my brain should be muzzled
They speak Spanglish a scrambled egg dish
Wounded like a soldier falling in battle
Bullet hole souls m16 rattle
Shrapnel lodged in your esophagus
Bum rushed trampled and crushed
Run over and wrecked
A hit and run
Whipped and chained
Churning insane
Tied and strained
Notorious and infamous
Hallucinating from LSD and Angel dust
broken words are heard over and over inside my mind
mixed up passed absurd
breaking like a curve
let loose like a canon
blasted from a boom box
totally unorthodox
ambidextrous and dyslexic
dissected and inspected
my broken words break like a wave
raped like a slave
exploded and imploded
running light years passed the sun
a train wreck crash landing
sinking like an anchor
words spilling black like a leaking tanker
arrested and detested
failing to stay sane
getting lost in my own brain
multiplied like atomic nuclei
released like radiation stickering the nation
confused with organization
broken words get lost like time
poetry is a victimless crime

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