Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inside The Flow

my flow is fluid
like there's nothing to it
I just do it
I flow like rapids
it’s just my habit
rhymes multiply like rabbits
my flow is lavish it is just
an avalanche of words I bust
that hit you
you'll think something bit you
my words attack you
leave your eardrums bruised
my flow goes on cue
drowning in the rhymes I spew
my flow spirals in circles
it’s a verbal miracle
when you hear it go
my flow steams
like hot springs
and bubbles and pops
pours like waterfalls
My flow is wide as it’s tall
my fluidity is atomic
as dangerous as suicidal
fundamentalist Islamic
my flow is as beautiful as Adonis
it’s compelling
like Joe Lewis beating up Max Schemling
if words were stocks this one would be selling
so buy it and try it
my flow over flows the levee
cause it runs high and heavy
hit you with liquid rush bevy
it’s quicker then sliver flashes like sirens lights
leaves you desiring more than a cure
I evaporate like water then make my flow down pour


  1. Speaking as someone who has difficulty keeping a small dribble going for any length of time, I envy you!


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