Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ms Liberties Endless Hunger

New York City seduces men
flashing her 42 teeth
calling them to her streets
with her castled skyline
and cash money sunshine
she holds out hopes of fame
once here she swallows your name
the world is called by her pleasure
but New Yorkers know her pain

the island of Manhattan
is a body of land
surrounded by water
Inwood is her head
tracing down to a Washington Heights meringue nights neck
sloping to strong Harlem shoulders

Spanish Harlem her left arm
morning side heights her right
Central Park her green treed heart
Broadway = her main blood vein
midtown, her intestines
riding the subway north to south
down in her guts
I'll make it just in time
riding the local C line
hidden from the sunshine
will make it just fine

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