Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slinging words around for sounds

I call myself a poet because I stitch words together like a surgeon
I get this urge to scratch an itch to stitch it's my niche
Words come to me like soft whispered voices
they ring in my ears like magical bells
release a master piece paint a picture in your mind like van gogh when I am on my flow
that's how I roll scribbling on my electronic scroll
It's a battle in my mind to find the next line
my brain becomes obsessed with rhyme
possessed by time I pull words out my ass and dangle them in front of your eyes to memorize
I wanna burn my words in your skull tattoo them to your body
my verbal karate trying to reach out and touch everybody
words come and go like falling and melting snow I twist words like dreadlocks like a word sword with a gift to make images drift like sand is sifted I say my words like guitar riffs
they hang in the air like white smoke from a ganja spliff
want to get you high on my word supply
sit back and ride while my words are rattled off like a ghetto drive
by hitting their mark close to your heart like third rail sparks
arrows and poison tipped darts I hit my mark like a marksmen assassin striking again and again
I want to capture your full attention with the words I mention
want to bring you back to the now and make your forget yesterday caught in my word spray
I dictate my dictation to the poetry nation
an orator to bring elation with this new creation
My words hit the air and ignite like phosphorous
It’s a metaphor of a metamorphosis you can't resist what I spit

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