Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top secret classified document a bedtime story

The following report is submitted after much field study in the full scope and development of Project Separation Blue. This report shall provide evidence of the success of this boldly endeavored mission. We contacted the head of The American Broadcasting Company Ed Rothschild, and in our close door plunked in the New Jersey secret code 5475 under hidden Global Positioning System. There are now over 150 across the globe in well placed strategic hot spots.

In order to procure stage one Separation Blue our computer technology administrative attack division we overrode local news telecast vision state ABCXPJ Trenton. Their meteorologist Sandra Johnson is CTAD wonder dubbed their March 19th Dobbler satellite forecast with similar weather patterns from date 2006 February 21 2003. We alternated a Dobbler image with our military function ADOBEIMAGEUSX software.

Sandra Johnson is a local meteorologist as well as one present in the newsroom at 18 Beach Road and was aware of any change undetectable by any computer program below military fortitude. As planned at 05:12 Sandra Beverly Johnson delivered her weather forecast of 21/02/2003 substituted for 19/03/2006 the 21/2/2003 forecast and 19/03/2006 will be henceforth referenced to 19/03/2006.

Target date- T.D. 21/02/2003 original date- O.D. Sandra B. Johnson reports to all of The New Jersey viewing community the weather forecast of O.D. for T.D.

The original forecast was the low temperature of 36 degrees Fahrenheit and the high temperature of 42 degrees F.

The TD was low of 30 high of 41. On this day we used our telecommunicate Catch All Hub Substation to dragnet all text message and telecommunication, land line and wireless. We used our military search engine GoogleMax on all communication on Mar 20th and 21st related to weather. No abnormal chatter was detected out of the 80 zigabytes that was searched and sifted. Stage one of Separation Blue was for all intended purposes a stellar success.

Stage two we shoot down the Dobbler Satellite and replace it with our satellite. The official story will be that the satellite malfunctioned and had to be brought down in a controlled crash landing to prevent it from hitting Texas.

This report will only touch on brief key parts of the overall mission this document is limited to the RAGECAGE server username kennedykennedy: password ciakillers2%$00

Scanning of microchip bar code is as usual a requirement.

Separation Blue targeted weather Dubbed all over in each fifty states, each a stellar success with changes in degrees. Our hypotheses was right that Americans fully trust the news to tell them the truth about weather to a number 98.6 %. We already have experimented by either making the temperature 5 degrees more or less, and no one has discovered this anomaly.

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