Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Forgotten Memories

Daily the deluge of doses keeps me hovering on low
I move slow I forget time and time forgets me
Where was I formed I wonder
The religious folks believe God made me but then who made God
What was before the Big Bang nothingness
Cold blackness an eternal vacuum of gloom
Oh if I could go back to the start of this crazy ass faction
I would pledge my soul for good
So many mean people in the world and they all suck
Love is hard to find to be kind
I wish to link together the chain of infinity
Bring back my heart from the brink of destruction
I wish to taste the wind
Climb the highest mountain K2
Stand on the summit and embrace the top of the world
Tranquility I seek thee rest on my naked body
Spring through my veins
My blood is boiling with disaster
Decrepit and retched I wish to escape the stink of my groin
The water it hurts me burns my skin
A sudden sting to ring it's a big thing
Let me ride that north shore wave to the border line of insanity
Take me in your mist you running Rapids
Hold me in your deepest of swells
Ride me to the desert sand hold my hand
On this bipolar roller coaster
Up up up and away
Down down down I feel my stomach sink my head is thrown back
I can't relax I need that avenue I can't find myself
A wander Jew a lost gypsy a timeless hippie
Oh if I could fling myself to the stars and soar on a Falcons wings
I want that birds eye view of the city skyline
Perch on the Freedom Tower dangle from the Empire State Building
Swing like Tarzan over quicksand
You will find me in your fantasy in that erased dream
Fast forward this world has no rewind
Take a selfie of your soul next time

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