Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Presence of Absence

Weather the warm storm of a heart flood mixed in mud blood
Blending the fore front of time
Howling in a dirty wind
Soaking in a nasty breeze
Peep show striptease
Everybody wants their lion share
Get your billions back America
Taxing the souls of taxpayers
Criminal minds say pay me in cash
Quick dash fuck you pay me
The invisible mantra of mayhem maybe the end
Stacks of old money run blue in the veins
Pull in the reins on the African jungle rain
Don't kill the beast of Crowley unleash the 666
Caught in the Devils mix does not exist
Too many waiting for that white Cadillac ride to the other side
Some wait for heaven others for Dantes inferno
Sporting a pitchfork and a halo
While I dream of the dead on a Cinco De Mayo Mexican Saturday night
My bones are dry my eyes won't cry
Silence slips through my finger tips
Somewhere along the line they clipped my angel wings
Buzz cut my spirit and tamed my crazy horse
I run off course in the land of the lost
Riding bare back in a Hopi sun
I wish to burn brightest on my long down fall
Into to next season intoxicated on words
Drunk off lust and high on crime
I sail into the black hole of the abyss with my eyes wide shut

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