Friday, December 19, 2008

on lockdown

As he sits locked away in his personalized cage
set to prison decay and die away
he grows to hate time he has not a watch
he tries in vain to forget all the doors are locked
morning reminds him and finds him
as his crime now defines him to confinement in prison
unthought of decision lead to a unanimously guilty conviction
his once young life ages violently
And at the same time grows lonely
He wants the darkness to make him disappear
Too depressed to shed a tear serving 80 consecutive years
he pushes its reality out of his mind
and tries to focus on hours and days
his future is a life long correctional maze
because of one days’ bloody rampage
that was on the front page time goes by
he almost forgets why the sun he seldom sees
remembers two bodies lay face down lifeless in the street
He misses the world and the summer heat
he did a dastardly feat
the rap he could not beat
falling in line with the daily routine
turns humans into machines
everyday he thinks of his freedom
that he knows will never come
he gradually succumbs to the daily boredom
of his incarceration

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