Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time is up

I have done my time

I have served you faithfully for a decade that stretched 15 years

my tears that I have cried over you I now use to clean your scent from my soul

I have taken pounds of your ponderous abuse
been forced to swallow your flaming words

I have held your hand and pulled you upright

I have protected you from fiery arrows of angry x lovers

have suffered countless needless tongue lashings and reconstructed myself from the glob of sorrow you left swirling on the floor

I vowed to re-mold myself
not with dough or clay but steel and brick

I prayed to gods of many religions to see if any would listen
to resurrect me from what seemed my sealed fate

yet my soul can't stand no more of the torture of your treatment

I step forward from my emotional prison and find myself the target of judgment and long nosed glances

what have I done but desire to finish my life in the company of peace and joy

what law has come down from above that says I must continue in a life that crushes my passions

I have imprisoned myself willfully and willfully I now turn the key
I make a mad dash for the gates with my eyes wide

to remain with the one who has forgotten my needs that pulse daily with hot desire is like being a black eclipsed sun living in denied insanity

my dreams still dance in front of my eyes

with a final grasp you offer me to stay confined to your insensitivity
and I respond smilingly happy divorce


  1. Nicely written!

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