Saturday, December 6, 2008

Manhattan Forest or Zoo...

I walk through the enchanted forest of tall office trees
with small bushes of brown stones
fresh concrete grows daily
and smothers all life underneath it
it grows square and gray and rigid alongside steel trees
wild criminal animals roam and attack until caged in the local zoo
keep the animals locked in the city zoo
they lock up us humans too
my cell block is Manhattan
every where I go shit happens
my job is my prison
they keep me locked in institutions
giving me their solutions
they tell me this is the home of the free
but people around me report everything they see
because I live as I believe that I am free to be me
so institutions looks at me funny
as a matter of fuck this job they can keep their money

A beautiful mist of pollution hangs over Manhattan’s chemical rain forest
Mercurys SUVs Fords Toyotas and Mitsubishi all add to it
Cry out in horn chirps and other species
vehicles for emergencies screaming sirens
Race over tar covered postmodern dirt roads
Saving us from fire and death is their goal
This city terrain is slighted and a jagged edge covers the horizon
Our streets covered in human daytime congestion
The forgotten get swallowed with gassy ingestion
Few stop and colorful lights to question
This city life is an unseen obsession


  1. Same goes for London. It's a heavy price to pay for the convenience of being able to get a pizza after midnight.

  2. loved this dubblex, particulary how everything seems to morph and confuse, great expression

  3. I totally agree this is very interesting stuff. Comparing humans to wild animals and Manhattan to a zoo, kind of true too. People can act like caged animals. I dig the as a matter of fuck / fact too. I understand.


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