Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is It Love Or Is It Hate

Observing night club revelers
Lust hangs in the air like smoke
Tits wiggle and jiggle to natures natural rhythms
Asses shake to beat breaks night marauders appreciate
Out on the dance floor don't hesitate
Let the sex smell germinate as people look to hook up with a mate to date
Some find love others find hate
People mix and mingle mostly single
Loud music overwhelms conversation
Fights break out with altercation
Drinks get mixed and pounded to the state of intoxication it's a common situation
Drugs are smoked and sniffed to get that lift
Heads spin while the dj spins the later it gets the crowd gets thin
But before that the dance floor gets packed
The sexes interact
The lights get dim people line up to get in
Drinking juice and gin to enhance the tipsy grin
A night that starts out with a loud crowd ends in lonely despair or a sudden affair

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