Monday, March 2, 2009

Check What’s Legal

6 grams of pot is all I got
yet I got handcuffed by cops
locked straight up knocked
for 6 fucking grams of pot
it wasn’t even good pot
that after two hits you doing back flips
I was chilling on 175th and Saint Nick
to smoke and distribute a few nicks
to get some pussy from this chick
5’0, po po, rolls up mad quick
now they got my 6 grams and my mini van
God damn
for 6 grams I get slammed
and put in that damn police van
could understand if it was 6 grams of white sand
8th of a kilo of white snow
but still downtown I go
when you live life on the street you got to hustle
I felt real bad that I got nabbed
Checked all my pockets while I sat
In the back I was glad I did not bring my gat
At the station they took my roll of cash
Along with the 6 gram stash
I wonder when I will be free at last
My fingerprints revealed my past
Now I am finger printed
And headed to do a stint
Hands behind back head bent
For my intent to disturb these nicks
Now I am in it thick
Case sent to the district
While I sit
Maybe I should sell tobacco
Because it’s legal
I think to myself in California and other countries its legal
took 6 grams of pot but not my tobacco
guess its ok long as the government gets its cut
my question is what the fuck
tobacco kills
but it’s still legal
marijuana helps people
and is medical
Those who make laws stand above them and decide what’s best for us citizens

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely right, Dub. If the powers that be really cared about our health, they would have made tobacco and alcohol illegal long ago. Thank God they don't!


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