Friday, March 13, 2009

Waxing poetic city sounds

Daylight is slowly eclipsed as sunrays give way to lamppost dimly imitating their master
as long shadows uncoil over broad blocks
Night falls in such gloom and swaddles the city in bathed darkness
filaments flicker from large sullen corporate windows to small squared bathroom lookouts
moonlight absent nights that lack star luster
pollution covered small electric energies attempt to scare away darkness that clings like new born monkeys
once fast walking heavy sidewalks now roll out spaciously for lonesome sidewalk crawlers
head lights beam across cross walks and intersections
thousands of red lights vacant of obeying beings
sounds of buses and trucks rickshaw through momentary silence when fat rubber meets metal slabs with pothole crash
smash the constant rhythmic whiz of rapidly traveling vehicles with revved engines
wheels whipping rotating revolutions
Citizens staggering drunken steps
Indiscernible music gushes out of open night doors like un-dammed water
liquid sounds escape in the distance upon closing of ajar
muffled musical beats pulse basically
predators set traps for victims who step in their vicinity and use darkness to conceal their identity
thousands of mass transit buses cruise up and down broad avenues with numerous of empty seats bouncing wildly over bumps
once crowded cars of strap hangers now venture threw tunnels lonely with the few remaining rocked into deep slumber
once busy highways that previously held traffic for miles now show transient clearly revealing every bend and curve
Some neighborhoods are patrolled militarily others watch by closed circuit TV
stores are shut as glass is exchanged for folding steel
After hours inherit nocturnal night Nubians who flock to dimly lit establishments to dance incessantly
city creatures stare out windows
alley cats and wild dog packs roam now quiet streets hungrily
rodents and rats invade wasted giant black bags, which in the muted darkness appear as large globs
with each passing hour of darkness the moon begs to wake the sun out of hiding
slowly darkness recedes like low tide
the night with all its shadowy memories is quickly forgotten as burning light climbs the horizon again
a canopy of oak trees no longer able to conceal bright sun bursting blindness
light waves criss-cross the morning
black birds glide threw heavy mist laden fields
nearly blanked out of view by its thickness
Passers-by are mindless to this stark beauty as their own myopic dilemmas beset them and turn their visions inward toward foggy affairs of their own
I watch mist hover and caress the grass with dewy kisses
as oak trees relish in nutrient rays turning branch limbs leaning into life
long ago this scene happened for the first time
it continues its process duty bound to procedures
my heart is yet most fascinated with mist
as it’s duel state of moisture and cloudy mixture
I recall when I caught a glimpse of mist covered mountains peering their pointy peeks threw a plethora of plumy puffiness
Memories of green climbing the sky only to be seemingly decapitated by white vapor
Nature is ridiculed in city shadows
all but forgotten in the maze of subterraneous subway travelers
almost hidden by enormous flickering screens
flashing pixels fusing wattages glare
As populations populate postmodern art deco high rises
Bedraggled cities roll over beauty recklessly leaving a trail of ugliness for future beings
Is man not comfortable in his natural habitat?
former cave dwellers now live hundreds of feet above ground level
why does man feel the need to encapsulate himself in concrete cubicles
mechanical structures filled with straight lines and 90 degree angles?
as a testament to this unconsciousness I too am allergic to natures natural pollens
emotionally I find I am growing a repulsive reaction to city life
my soul slowly yearns to touch the land choked under tons of cemented sand

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