Thursday, March 19, 2009

Human Trafficking

started with slave ships
dark skinned Africans crossing the Atlantic
stripped whipped and cotton picked
started in the 1400’s
they stayed hungry and unfed
human traffic to drug smuggling heroin in swollen stomachs
balls of tightly wrapped plastic
moving in their intestines
hoping costumes will let them in
to Japanese street congestion to NYC Time Square walking pedestrians
destined to overlook this sin
Its red lights in the world’s red light districts
women peddled and sold to the rich treated like somebody’s bitch
their bodies bedded and abused
daily used as tools
they keep silent with head bent
deportation from this American nation
trapped in their situation
it’s the sex trade and young teens infected with aids
domestic human traffic
green light for illegal aliens with no green card a slavery prison without bars
Human traffic is the modern day slavery
in nations from a to z
women and children forced into prostitution
beaten in seclusion
it’s in the tens of thousands
Their cries die out what is this about
not finding the way out
Not knowing whom to turn to
To get back to a life they were use to
now on command they must do
Its human traffic caught in a gridlock that’s hard to stop
Because some people shop for humans hidden from cops
Used like they pick crops
now they are sucking wealth cocks
Smuggled in through loading docks
For this human livestock
the laws are mocked
With the influx of the flock
They may be on your block
Human traffic needs to heed the red light to stop

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