Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Is Like Weather

I gotta get my shit together
Because I ain't gonna live forever
My life shall soon be severed so I got to be clever
I've got to get my shit together
I've got to work harder and be smarter
can't let my guard down if I want to stay around
each day gets tougher and rougher
The problems build up from every angle
I can't seem to come untangled as I wrangle
I feel like I’m dangled over a cliff
I keep trying to get my shit together but with each setting of the sun
I am becoming more and more undone got no where to run
I am stunned at what I have become
I can't concentrate can't complete tasks that I’m asked to do
feeling like I am running dead last, sinking fast got to cover my ass
But wait hold up just give me more time to get my shit together
as everything unravels like a spool of thread
I reach for my tricks and life tools but lately ain't nothing seems to be clicking
let's break this shit up and take it from the beginning when it seemed like I was winning
now I am on a steady decline no way to rewind the many mistakes I have made over time
Listen listen just give me one more shot to clean up all this slop
Lately I’ve been drenched in my own stench shit is
Way Out Of Control can't take the toll falling in my own hole
I can't get my shit together it's too late to be clever when I was younger I would just push motivate to change my fate now seems like things are too late
My shit is everywhere as many stop and stare and watch me run and go nowhere
I am on a mad losing streak seems like I can no longer compete
my life is knocking me off my feet soon to be six feet deep
I can't get my shit together what I try doesn't seem to fly
my therapist keeps telling me to apply for SSI
I can no longer do my job the classroom has turned into an unruly mob
I’m in deep shit - just want to quit can't take this shit
But gimme a minute I got to get my shit together
get tough like leather cause it's now or never


  1. I love this! It's so true. You write beautifully.

  2. Dubblex, that is some intense writing, it's personal and universal all at once. The whole world's gotta get its shit together. But for now, just one bro to another, let's get our shit together. I know I'm struggling with it too. But hey, what can I say but, this bro loves you!


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