Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fresh Punishment

I got a record
not the one they play on radio stations
the one that plays in the police station
that gets you moved to a state facility
secure destination
a locked up location
correctional institution
they think jail is a solution
life never came at me correct
from birth, life’s treatment of me was suspect
filled with pain and neglect
mom’s stretching out the welfare check
living in a rat hole in a project
so now I got a record
from breaking and entering assault and armed robbery
they stick me in the penitentiary for half a century
my only education was the street
school didn’t reach me, didn’t teach me
labeled me Special Ed
never had a chance to get ahead
too many friends at a young age ending up dead
all I ever wanted was money
with a record like mine
after I’ve done my time
I have no choice but to commit more crime
who will hire me when they hear my record play,
I’ve sliced and diced mother fuckers like a DJ
no cats can survive on minimum wage
as I sit for my half a century- half my life
thinking how I can be better criminally
life gets worse I thirst for freedom
wish I could break my record and be done
as soon as I get out I know I’ll pick up my gun
not sure how not to live my life on the run

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