Monday, April 13, 2009

Life Is Do Or Die

I am a mother fucking volcano
about to erupt
I spew word lava so get 3rd degree burns as I conduct this poem
mother fucken doctors should lock my ass up
I'm heating up
bubbling up
can't stay shut
words dance in my mind like a plie'
dancing a poetical ballet
As I relay the words I say
if my mouth was an automatic you'd get caught in my magazine gun spray
standing on the mountain top feeling the after shock
doing NYC with rhyme lava just like Pome Pei
A crazy ass nigga who rhymes to himself
is I and I, my friend myself
volcano lava is flowing from 0 to 60
red hot burning roots to trees
feel the hot breeze as I spit like a cobra
drunk or sober
even the skunks run from the smell of the word order
I try to hold it in
but there it goes again
your ears are always open so my words are coming in
listen closely then listen again
ash covers the sky a mile high
I told you from the start life is do or die
ain't no rain or water that will restore order
lava going catch you like an alien at the border
so here comes the slaughter
as body counts mount
the lava traps you - cuts off escape routes
volcanic word mechanic
I and I and out

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