Sunday, August 2, 2009


People still talk about WWII
Hitler killing Jews, the holocaust
the high cost of war accosts
Americans get squeamish when it comes to talking about slavery
25 million killed in the middle passage
America longs to forget 500 years
Shows no regret no reparation checks
Accepts no responsibility to repay the slavery debt
That happened long ago
Yet they keep talking about The Founding Fathers
They were freedom robbers
Stop talking about Christopher Columbus
His ships were filled with us
Just the word slavery makes Americans turn their heads
Please slavery is dead they say
Oh really? I say
The psych ward, the street corner
And the prison is where they put us instead
America made its riches off the backs of blacks
Yet they get very squeamish when you mention this fact
The souls of my Ancestors haunt generations of whites
For a time will come when they shall be slaves for life

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