Monday, August 3, 2009

My words are armed and dangerous

I wage a war of words
My words are my missiles
When I get hot they sizzle
My daggers
My arrows
My nuclear bombs
My words are my bullets my hand grenades
My Jimi Hendrix machine gun rain
My words are Star Wars storm troopers and Jedi Nights
My soldiers
My bayonet
My razor blades
A noose around your neck
My words wage war against war
Against discrimination
Against racist nation
My words attack social norms
They make anger thunder
Electrify the sky when I brain storm
My words fight against lies
Against evictions
Against this system
My words explode on impact
Burn with the fire of a 5-alarm blowback
My words and I march into combat
I am my words my words are I
We wage an image war and win over society

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