Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I want that tattoo sleeve

I want artwork dripping down from the top of my shoulders to my wrist
This doesn’t exist yet but if I insist on one thing on my to do list
I want Rodin the thinking man sitting on a rock covered in dreadlocks
A constellation of stars twinkling in a colorful nebula
Graffiti tags mixed with elegant pieces
Rolling trains in flames and flying eagles
My pockets cannot support my ambitions to commission the rendition
So I scribble on my brown skin with ink pens not near the equivalent of my intent
My money is so quickly spent
On child support and rent
My girlfriend says a sleeve will be $7,000
She knows a guy in PA and one day when I can pay $100 an hour
I can get shit started maybe get the outline design
Daily I evaluate tattoos I see on city summer streets
As the pressing heat reveals multicolored skins inked in
spider webs on elbows
Yellow and red flames on forearms
Scripted names on necks
Depicted crosses
Skulls and devil heads
Baby feet for young dead
Hearts and picturesque landscapes
Tribal black lines in twisted designs
Winding dragons with flashing swords
Piano keys with noted chords
Salamanders and trees
Butterflies stars and Celtic swirls
Pictures of naked sexy girls
Motorcycles castles and loved ones’ faces
Lasts a lifetime never erases

Jumping tigers and flying fairies it’s all so enticing
Flower arrangements with abstract impressions
Tattoos cover lower backs buttocks and bellies
Calves breast and chest
Half sides of faces
all types of places
I dream about my tattoos
Wonder if it will scare or bruise me
How much pain it will inflict
With thousand of tiny nicks
My girlfriend tells me about the pain
The back and forth over the skin in the same spot
You want the guy to stop be he will not
If you want the style and color to be hot
She tells me a lot of people get shit on their arms
That has no charm
Ugly tattoos that look unprofessional
People stop her every where she goes when she lets her tat show
Sometime soon I hope to go to Pennsylvania
When I get my tax return
Grit my teeth for that needle burn
Soon it will be my turn

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