Monday, August 10, 2009

My thoughts run wild

like fire
ideas burn quick
like candle wicks
I switch on the switch
and carry on
my thoughts run wild like a cheetah
or a lion chasing a fleeing zebra
wild like a dog pack
my thoughts melt in your mind like an ice pack
my thoughts run wild in New York City’s naked streets
I roar my words like a tiger
my thoughts run wild like a fire
they burn through paper
they torment my brain
leaving me only partially sane
or completely deranged
but never the same
my thoughts run wild
like a nervous web surfer
a channel flipper
an exotic stripper
Sinking and sinking
I keep thinking and thinking
My mind is on rapid fire
More thoughts are required
More of them transpire
I get inspired
A poetic crier
Drowning in thoughts till I expire
My thoughts misfire and peak
They go so deep sometimes I can’t speak
My thoughts run wild
they escape me
Too many lost memories
It’s a travesty
My brain becomes a graveyard
Recalling things are simply too hard
I try to capture my thoughts in a net
So I won’t forget
They run like a bullet from a handgun
I get spun
Don’t know where they all come from
Like an on going chess game in my brain
Sweet thoughts like sugar cane

Depressing thoughts like suicide
Makes me wish I could hide from life
Next instant I’m riding high
Feel like the whole world’s on my side
My thoughts run wild - they need to be tamed
Instead my head is inflamed
My thoughts run wild like a fire
Medication is my water hose
It shuts off the word rain
I wish I could shut off my brain
Just when I thought the thought fire was out again it rose
My thoughts run wild like a neglected foster child
Beguiled by life lied and reviled
Thrown from reality locked out of society wishing for sobriety
The voices inside grow louder and louder as I’m ripped of my sanity

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